In what quantities of the desired protein?

frighten us deficiency of protein, from pre-school age.I do not eat meat - will not grow.And it continues in old age: "Lack of protein - one of the causes of osteoporosis."Girlfriends scare "from protein deficiency hair will fall out."And some promotion of consumption of animal protein falls on the heads of young people who want to play sports!It is clear that the meat - one of the most expensive products and its suppliers also want to eat, but not all that bad for those who can not consume huge amounts of proteins.Chemistry tells us that the amount of these substances in the diet should not be enormous.

live longer?

Many have heard about the experiment in which rats were given a third less calories, thus extending their life by twenty percent.Impressive?But even more impressive is that it was not only in calories.And they know this already a few.Researchers have begun to experiment with the amount of protein and found that even improving calories leaves duration at the same level if the total protein remains at the minimum level.Therefore proteins - is a means to reduce the duration of life, as it were, some may love meat.

for chronic dieters

must say that I blame the author to the reader.I recommended that losing weight drinking L-carnitine.It really helps to speed up the breakdown of fats in the conditions of energy deficit.But only he has a bad effect, which I was not known.And scientists have discovered it only in the spring of 2013.It turns red meat is harmful to health is not due to the composition of cholesterol, but because of carnitine.That is receiving dietary supplements with carnitine - a direct path to heart attacks and strokes, especially for people after 40. It is dangerous if the use of the substance in the habit.So chronically losing weight need to rely more on the uneaten dinners and percussion workout.Proteins - it's pretty dangerous if you take them out of the red meat.

It is not harmful

contained in the milk protein is very well absorbed (if not allergic).Milk proteins - this is not "chemistry", and a great way to add to your diet enough protein.The recommended number of scientists the necessary daily protein - the number of kilos of your ideal weight, in grams.That is if your weight should be 52kg, then 52 grams will be enough.If you want to live longer than average - you need to eat 30-35g of protein per day, unless of course you do not exercise intensely (in this case, the recommended amount is necessary).

Milestones health

However, the average amount of protein consumed should not be less than 24 grams per day.That is, in one day can eat more, in another less, but on average below this level can not be lowered.After proteins - it is also a matter for the immune system, it builds from it its soldiers - white blood cells.And a little animal protein is still needed.So it is useful to be a vegetarian, but vegan - is harmful.Optimal nutrition - alternating days with a high intake of proteins, including animal days with low amounts of proteins.Thus, the idea that a good post a couple of times a week, received a scientific justification.

Be careful with the meat.Protein - is not the basis of a healthy diet.Health - in balance.