Apostle Matthew.

Christian religion - a large field of study.According to the Bible, Jesus Christ had twelve disciples, followers, the apostles.Each of them to meet with the Savior lived his life, served as playing a role in society.The life story of the apostles is very interesting.In this article we will talk about the life of St. Matthew.Akathist to St. Matthew read in all churches on the feast day - on November 16th.

Matthew to meet with the Savior

During the Roman Empire, people often have two names.So, the Apostle Matthew had another name - Levi.Matthew Levi was the son of Alpheus and the brother of James - another of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.Matthew lived in his own house in the city of Capernaum, located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee.The Jews, like other inhabitants of the conquered territories of the Roman Empire, were obliged to pay taxes to the treasury of the empire.Collect taxes publicans.No wonder people did not like those who held such a position, because very often the publicans oppressed people, abused their official duties, be cruel and have no mercy.One of the publicans was Matthew Levi.Through his office, he has amassed a sizable fortune.But Matthew was a publican, though, still have not lost the human form.

As Matthew became a disciple of the Savior and Apostle

Matthew had heard the preaching of Christ, settled in the same Capernaum, and saw the miracles wrought by them.The Calling of St Matthew in the students was due to the fact that the Lord saw that Matthew refers to it, his teachings, saw the willingness to believe and follow him.Jesus accompanied by people once left the city and went to the sea.Just in time for the place where Matthew was collecting taxes from passing ships.Coming to the future of Apostle, the Lord told me to follow him.Apostle Matthew, the heart and soul strove to Christ without hesitation went behind the Master.Matthew Levi, himself did not believe that he, a sinner, Jesus chose, prepared a feast in his house.At the celebration were invited to attend.Among the people present in the house of the Apostle were publicans, and all friends and relatives.Jesus sat at the same table with publicans and sinners, lest his word to give them a chance to repent and be saved.Apostle Matthew himself confirmed his example divine destiny teacher, said that he came to save sinners, not the righteous.The future Apostle has left all his possessions and followed the Lord.Already soon enter into the Matthew the twelve apostles.

Apostle and Evangelist Matthew

Matthew was a faithful disciple.Together with the other apostles, he saw all the miracles of Jesus, listening to all his preaching, accompanied everywhere.Matthew and myself went to the people, trying to convey to them the doctrine of Christ, and thereby giving the opportunity to escape.The apostles, including Matthew, James the son of his brother, and the Apostle Andrew, with a shudder of the heart beheld the arrest of teachers, His suffering, death, and then - ascension.After the Lord ascended to heaven, the apostle with the other disciples preached to the people of Galilee and Jerusalem Christ's teaching - the gospel.When it is time to separate the Apostles around the world and bring the teachings of Christ to all peoples, the Jews, the other disciples and the Apostle Andrew - the first designed to Jesus' disciples Matthew expressed their desire in writing to carry on the teaching.Levi Matthew, following the general will, wrote his Gospel - the Gospel of Matthew.It was the first Gospel of the New Testament.This book has been directed primarily to the fact that convey the teachings of the inhabitants of Palestine, and was written in Hebrew.

Address people in the faith by the Apostle Matthew

After the apostle left Jerusalem, he had been preaching the Gospel in Syria, Persia, Parthia, Media, Ethiopia and India.Here he tried to proselytize the people of the wild cannibals (Anthropophagi) with animal customs and mores.(Akathist to St. Matthew read on the day of his death in Ethiopia on November 16th.) The town called Mirmenah, at the beginning of his stay in Ethiopia, the Apostle Matthew converted to Christianity a few people, and appointed bishop built a small temple.He kept praying that the whole tribe was converted.And once Matthew was high on the mountain in prayer and fasting.To him in the image of God he appeared to the young man and handed the rod to the apostle, speaking to Matthew stuck a stronger rod at the temple.From the staff it had to grow a tree with juicy and tasty fruit, but from the base of the tree was supposed to be a source of clear water.Anyone who taste the fruit was to be gentle and kind, and drunk from the source, to have faith.Apostle Matthew went down from the mountain with a rod, but demon-possessed wife and son of the owner of the city began to discourage the Apostle Fulviana, screaming that the Apostle wants to destroy them.Matthew name of Christ cast out demons.And his wife and son Fulviana followed the apostle, becoming humble.

miracle created by the Apostle Matthew

In the city, near the church, the apostle firmly stuck rod, and in front of all was a miracle.As the Lord said to Matthew, I grew a huge tree, the tree fruits were unprecedented, and from the foot of a tree began to flow stream.People gathered around the city to see this miracle, try fruits and drink water from the creek.Apostle stood on the dais and began a sermon.Everyone who was there, believed and were baptized in water from the source.Cross and his wife and son Fulviana.Fulvian same, first with reverence and wonder otnesshiysya to the Acts of the Apostles, I was very angry when he realized that the new faith of the people set free from idols.And the owner of the city planned to kill the apostle Matthew.

attempts to seize St. Matthew the Apostle

night was Jesus himself, encouraged him, saying he did not leave in torment, that Matthew should be passed.When Fulvian sent to the temple of his warriors to lead Matthew, they were surrounded by darkness, but so that they are barely able to find the way back.Fulvian even more angry and sent for the apostle more soldiers.But those soldiers were not able to grab Matthew, as the heavenly light that lit the Apostle, was so bright that the soldiers threw down their weapons and fled in terror.Then he escorted Fulvian come to the temple.But suddenly went blind and started to ask Matthew to have mercy and forgive sins.The Apostle of the cross over the evil ruler.He gained the ability to see, but decided that it was just Matthew sorcery, not the power of the Lord.Fulvian decided to burn the apostle.

end of the life of St. Matthew

Matthew seized and nailed to the ground by his arms and legs big nails.By order of the cruel Fulviana imposed from above branches, twigs, sulfur, tar, believing that the Apostle burn.Instead, the flame was extinguished, and the Apostle Matthew, alive and well, praise the name of the Lord.Those present were terrified and praised God, too.All but Fulviana.On his orders brought more branches and twigs, placed on top of the Apostle, poured resin.Fulvian dotted around the proposed fire twelve golden idol that is worshiped.He wanted to use them to burn Matthew.But Matthew under the blazing flame fervently prayed that the Lord manifested his power and exposed to ridicule those who are still hoping to idols.Flame turned to idols and melt them, opal standing nearby.Then, the fiery serpent, escaped from the flames, toward Fulvianu who wanted to run away in fear.Seeing the futility of attempts to avoid the snake Fulvian pleaded Matthew, begging to save him from death.Apostle extinguished the flames.The ruler wanted to take the honors of St. Matthew the Apostle but last offered prayers to the Lord and died.

How Fulvian became Matthew

Fulvian ordered unscathed body of the apostle put in expensive clothes, make the palace, but doubts about the faith compelled him to order an iron forge for the remains of the ark, and sealed it, put it in the sea.The ruler decided that if God saved from the fire of the apostle, will not drown the body, then he is sure and give up the idols.At night, he saw Matthew Bishop, who gave the indication where to find him made by sea to shore power.Fulvian also went to look at this miracle, and, finally convinced in the power of the Lord was baptized with the name Matthew.So the calling of St. Matthew the Lord to the disciples to proselytize the whole nation.

Feats apostles are invaluable for the development of Christianity.So my life has set an example to others Apostle Matthew.The icon with its image will remind every Christian of resistance and heroism in the name of the Lord.Life of St. Matthew - a cautionary tale for all.