How to draw fire: a few useful tips

Perhaps there is no such artist who would not dream of having his picture looked the part, just live.Despite the apparent complexity, the effect is quite achieve, you only need to learn a few skills, and stock up on essential drawing tools.Consider the detailed instructions how to draw fire on paper.

What you need to know as a new artist

recreate the image on paper items made by human hand, is not difficult any artist.But to portray natural phenomena (wind, rain, waves, fire) is not so simple.It is important not just to draw them and make the "move" on the paper to make it look real.

Fire - it is really wonderful phenomenon, on which you can watch endlessly.Draw it easy.If the picture to convey the exact color palette, adding a bit of dynamism flames painted on the fire will also be looking for a long time without stopping.

Drawing pencil flame

Getting Started, you need to have on hand a standard sheet of paper, a pencil (preferably with a soft pencil), eraser and paint brush (optional).Consider a few ways how to draw fire pencil stages.


  1. Look at the pictures and drawings of fire, and then light a match and look at its motion in space (or put in front of a burning candle flame and draw from nature).When you fully realize your own design, thin lines on a paper label circuits (height and width) of fire.Apply finishing touches lightly and almost transparent lines, later to discreetly remove these tips.Then draw an oval on the selected area, making the upper part of the narrow and lower - larger.Remember, the main thing - not how to draw fire, but how you get it in the end.
  2. Proceed to the image of flames.Draw the outline of one tongue of flame at the same time to be a little bit more than others.The central part of the top need to stratify: Left should be one less fire sign, and two to the right (also of different sizes).Foreground, of course, will not remain empty.Draw a couple of lights here.Their location and size, define yourself.
  3. Continuing with a large portion of the flame, draw about ten wavy lines (bottom-up).Each such line Doris another - smaller and more direct.Accordingly, smaller flames they are smaller.As a result, having understood so as to draw fire, lightly paint the lines between the pair resulting free space.
  4. eraser Erase your tips, painted at the beginning.Make a fire at the base and at the tip of the tongue smoked.Smoke easily recreated with a pencil.Just fill in the desired areas, then blend them eraser or wool.Contours can safely circle the thick lines.
  5. Draw sparks.For this picture a couple of strokes over the fire.At the end of the lesson, how to draw fire in pencil on each tongue of flame picture a few lights at different distances from the main lobe.

Draw flames paint scheme

paints creating Fire is about the same as a pencil.But in this case, the work begins with the general background of the image, which is important for the drawing inks.Then you can proceed to the center of the composition, clearly determine which colors and shades are the most acceptable.

Dipping a brush in dark red paint, do a spot where the flames will blaze the future.From him, moving from the bottom up, apply small dabs - tongues of fire.Their number will dictate your own fantasy, imagination and basic knowledge of how to draw fire.

layer is deposited on the painted again red paint, but lighter.Similar actions spend with yellow and orange flowers.Do not use colors on one another, or all merge into a bright cereal and skills designed to "revive" the picture will be lost.Make it so that the general background are clearly visible all shades.

Following your imagination, add some purple or blue hue to the overall composition.Your drawing is ready!Good luck in the works!