Why do birds fly and not fall?

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Quite often, people admiring the beauty of the sky, wondering why the bird fly?Why man can not just float in the sky, admiring the beauty of the earth from a height?

The answer is obvious.First of all, birds have wings that are not in humans.And if you look at the wings of birds more closely, we see that it has a curved shape and is able to create a force that counteracts gravity.

feathers - it's very easy, but it is difficult to education horny skin, which in the course of evolution transformed scales of reptiles.It is thanks to the feathers of a bird body surface is smooth, and when it flies, the air flows around her torso without much resistance.

skeleton in birds is very light.Several bones it contains pneumatic cavities.They have bone marrow as humans.This is another answer to the question of why the bird flies, and people do not.

Birds big heart, because during the flight it must ensure rapid blood circulation.In addition, their blood contains more red blood cells than the same mammal, which means that the blood of birds can carry more oxygen per unit of time, which is essential for flight.

Birds well-developed lungs.They are connected with an air bag which are located in the body cavity.In addition, they have a very well developed cerebellum, which controls coordination.All this is quite important for the flight.

there are ways to plan and waving flight.Planning is typical for predators such as golden eagle, eagle or hawk.Waving divided into horizontal flight, and freeze.Most of the birds flap their wings, but the gulls and cormorants in flight hang.

Which bird flies above the

Here is the undisputed leader of the African vulture (belongs to the species of vultures).With his participation registered a case.In the mid-seventies of the last century one of the vultures encountered a jet.And it happened at an altitude of 11,000 meters (I must say that Everest 2 km below this height).

why birds fly high, or rather why?Predators so look out for their prey.Yet it applies to migrating individuals.For example, the Indian raised geese in flight above the peaks of the Himalayas, when flying between Tibet and India, and do it twice a year.

Which birds are marine species?Seabirds There are at so many types - there are only a little more than 200 of the 9,500 species of birds all the day fauna.These include representatives of the Procellariiformes: petrels, albatrosses, petrels.Most copepods: frigates, cormorants, pubescent, chaises.It also includes gulls, eider ducks, puffins, razorbills, guillemots, and, of course, penguins.

loons and cormorants can be called feathered submarines are great dive and swim under water.And here it is pertinent to ask "why the bird flies," not "why the bird flies."Sea birds got webbed paws and leathery lids that cover the nostrils when diving.

way, seabirds rather clumsy move on land.Most of the time they are in the water, eating fish.And when they dive for it, then reach speeds of up to 3 meters per second and go to a depth of several tens of meters.