How to draw "May Little Pony"?

At Princess Celestia have a pupil - the unicorn.Her name is Sun Sparkle.To distract from the ongoing study pony, Celestia, and sends it to Spike in Ponyville.There Sparkle meets new friends.Before you understand how to draw "May Little Pony" is a good look at the main characters of this cartoon.


Twilight sparkle - a unicorn.Her painting is dominated by the color purple.Sparkles on the body there is a white star on top of which there is one more pink.Around it are five more small white asterisks.Sparkle loves to learn.

Princess Celestia sun rises.She has a long horn.She's tall and has beautiful wings.The tail and mane Celestia three colors: purple, turquoise and pink.The body shows the sun.

Rainbow Dash - Pegasus.She has pink eyes, multicolored tail and mane.Rainbow is very bold.It disperses the clouds.Body Art - cloud, under which there is a rainbow of three colors: red, yellow and blue.

Pinkie Pie - a pony, which is always fun.This beauty has luxurious pink curly hair.She is partial to sweets.On her thigh shows three balloons.

It's not all the cartoon characters.And now we shall understand how to draw "May Little Pony."Let's start with the Twilight Sparkles.


So draw "May Little Pony" in stages.It is not so difficult.In the first stage we depict the circle and emerges from his muzzle Sparkles.Adding ear horn.As soon as possible and depict bangs.Next dorisovyvat the face.We represent big eyes, mouth and nose.You can start painting the body.To portray the legs, you must first determine their location by using thin lines.You can now draws the limbs themselves.We represent the remaining hair and go to the wing.Now you need to draw the tail.You can take up the crayons and paint a picture.Body Sparkles draw purple.It is represented on the stars, as previously described.Coloring tail and mane.


continue to talk about how to draw "May Little Pony."Now we portray Princess Celestia.First, draw two ovals.One smaller - for the head.The other oval - for the body.Upper small oval divide into two parts.The lower portion should be slightly narrower than the top.Pony will be displayed in the profile.Draw the shape of the eye, eyelid and eyelashes.Add the mouth and nose.Draw the ears and a long horn.It is a spiral, so it is necessary to depict on the strip.In the eyes of the pupils draw.Add the upper part of the mane and crown.Next draw a long mane of Celestia, a neck and a necklace with precious stones.Depict the front legs.Right limb should go for the left foot.Now you can paint the rear hooves.Celestia have a very long tail.Draw it.Represents the sun on her hip.Drawings "May Little Pony" pencil will look even better if paint them using markers.

Rainbow Dash

Draw the outline of the head.We attach the form of the body.On the back of the draw arc.Putting the head and torso line.Next draw feet.On the head is necessary to depict ear smile and eyes.Look at the Rainbow usually mysterious.Draw the nose.Now you can start drawing mane.Depict the neck and front legs.We attach the correct form of the body and hind legs dorisovyvat.It remains to add wings and ruffled tail.Do not forget about the rainbow with a cloud on his hip.It remains only to paint Rainbow Dash.It's very easy.The tail and mane colorable in all colors of the rainbow.Eyes do pink.Body paint blue.We ended up talking about how to draw "May Little Pony."It turns out that everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.The main thing - patience and imagination.Then I am sure everything will turn out.