Why do we need the department of custody and guardianship

department of custody and guardianship exists at each of the district administration.Why is it needed?He has to monitor compliance with laws relating to children.Its staff can ask for help in case violated the rights of the child.For example, he was illegally discharged from the apartment where he lived.It is also responsible for identifying orphans in new adoptive families.And then sees to it that the children feel comfortable there.All obligations of the structure prescribed in the "Law on guardianship", ie any action specialist department should only be within the law.If you have any friction, not too lazy to study the regulation.Perhaps the workers simply can not do otherwise.

Activities Department define concepts such as guardianship, patronage.They are closely related to each other and are derived from one another.Marking - a child device in a new family, which is assigned the status of "substitution."She could be any family: a childless couple that wants to give her love and care, the family already has children and who decided that can help someone else, as well as the cell of society such as family orphanages.

get under guardianship may be children left without care - the care of parents.When this happens?If the parents die and other relatives can not or do not want to take them with him.It so happens that the relatives and no.Another category - foundlings and "refuseniks" Babes on which directly refused the mother in the hospital or are planted somewhere.If this happens to infants, they cause minimal psychological harm, but there are cases of the wild, the code throwing kids 3-7 years old, they are for the rest of life are injured.The older the child, the harder it will take such a betrayal.

And children are orphans with living parents.We are talking about families with asocial way of life.So, identifying and building out of these children and is engaged in the department of custody and guardianship.And after that he must carry out patronage - support them in new homes.These activities include control over how the funds are spent, coming at the expense of the child, check the conditions in which he lives.

department of custody and guardianship is responsible for the kind of family the child gets.We now have in the country launched a campaign "I'll give the baby is in good hands."We are horrified Americans abused our children and modestly silent about what we have done.The child - not a puppy, he comes into the family with their genes, often defective, with their ideas, with their personal problems.Each foster parent must ask ourselves whether he is ready to deal with all this, he has enough patience, knowledge and the most important thing - love.If you are not confident in their abilities, do not get involved, do not zartes on entitlements, think about what may come a time when you want to return the child.You should know - the child who betrayed twice, will not be able to recover from this blow ever.No psychologist can help.Most of them embittered and becomes a scumbag.The worst thing is that giving children all in a row, we are the fruit of their own.This problem is not today, it will fire five years to seven.What is the scale of it will take will depend on how conscientiously works department of custody and guardianship is now.