The procedure for filing complaints against the judgment in the case of an administrative offense

should immediately be noted that the judgment in the case of an administrative offense to ignore in any case impossible.Payment of fines, according to the current Russian legislation, - it is mandatory for legal entities and individuals.The amount recorded in this resolution shall be paid for within the prescribed 30-day period.Otherwise, it will be issued a second penalty, but at double the rate compared to the first.In other words, you would pay treble.And that's assuming that there will be additional, police action to enforce payment of the required sum.The extra challenges, I think, no one needs.

it possible to change?

reasonable question arises: "Is it possible to cancel the decision in a case concerning an administrative offense?"In principle, no law explicitly does not provide legal procedure.Another thing that can change the decision of the - regardless of whom it was issued and for what reason.To do this two scenarios are provided.The first - a revision of the case in court, when the actions of court, fined, to make a counter-claim or complaint.In that case, if the judge agrees with your arguments, ruling in the case of an administrative offense it will be canceled.Scenario two - official actions appeal to a higher court.Here, as they say, it is able to negotiate.In any case, the inspector will review the action, but ... experience shows that regulatory authorities are, and the amount of penalties only increase.

How to appeal the traffic police?

often "punitive" problems occur after contact with all sorts of inspecting authorities and traffic police.Unfortunately, this is the case, and the situation has not changed.However, in this case, a new hole.If, in your opinion, the actions of the inspector is wrong, it is possible to appeal the traffic police in the higher authorities.Do not forget to register the copies of all the documents available to the Prosecutor's Office, as well as CSS.This is so, for inner peace.The main thing that the complaint (brevity - the sister of talent) have clear legal language, which will be judged, the inspector broke existing laws or not.Then follow the proceedings, which will take some time.The procedure is lengthy and complicated bureaucratic.So, before you review the case, it is necessary to clearly define for themselves whether it makes sense to complain about, and what are the chances of winning.

lawyers and courts

decision in a case concerning an administrative offense may be revoked or revised only in the District Court where the traffic police, whose officers fined.If you have filed a complaint with the court at the place of registration, it will be redirected to where located district branch of the MVD.Given that the proceedings are planned with law enforcement agencies should clearly act in accordance with the legal procedure prescribed by law.Then there is a good chance to win.