That is prejudice

This article will talk about what is prejudice.Sometimes, seemingly in a very simple and clear real world, individual members of society perceive some things and phenomena somewhat inadequate.In fact, prejudice - a prejudice based on some stereotype.It arises solely from the unwillingness of people to think and evaluate the events of the world on their own.

opinion, based on the authority of parents, management, staff, etc.and completely reworked - that is prejudice.Certainly, the presence of a person all sorts of misconceptions and stereotypes that it is hard to pass off as their own principles, to talk about social and personal immaturity and sometimes banal and degradation.Such a person, in fact, just falling out of reality and can often be dangerous not only for themselves but also for society.

example of this - racial prejudices.Man trying to assert themselves not by personal development and achievement of the authority by the cheap humiliation of people with a different skin color or eye shape, perhaps, get some immediate benefits.However, the material well-being - nothing compared to the degradation of the individual.Gradually, such a person will lose the sense of reality more and more.It is not known how it would end.

Often, however, the answer to the question of what prejudice can not be called simple.For example, people who are too active imposing alien traditions and way of life in their home country - not fighters against racism, they often try to present themselves to society.They have, paradoxically, there is the same prejudice, but with respect to their own nation, which prevents them to perceive reality.Such a person often does not notice in the society of which it is not good - only disadvantages.

Of course, not all prejudice so serious and dangerous, there are prejudices - superstition.However, even innocuous, such as a black cat who crossed the road, nothing good.Believe in what happens some misfortune only because of the fact that it is directed cute animal somewhere in their personal affairs, is unreasonable.For many people, there are other equally ridiculous superstitions and prejudices.Examples of this - a strong opinion that all entrepreneurs - thieves, or the conviction of foreigners in the fact that all Russian drink and steal.Such absurdities, in the end, and lead to more serious and dangerous types of prejudice - racial, class or religious.

wrong to say that to all sorts of superstitions or predisposed only not too high strata of society, and not too educated.In fact, mistaken, and such ignorance can be highly intelligent and quite intelligent people.It can be concluded that no higher education or a high position in society, are no substitute for personal development and education of the "I" on their own, rather than someone else's experience.

So, what is prejudice - is understandable.You have to think on their own and only on the basis of self-assessments made to take any action.It would be beneficial to the person and, as a consequence, society as a whole.