A strong spirit and a strong will!

The roots of the value of the name Seraphim goes to the Hebrew word "Saraf", which translates as "flying snakes", "lightning in the form of a snake", "griffin", "Sky Dragon", "Fire" or "flaming".From this name originates its feminine form - Seraphim, but in this article we will look at the native-male version and find out what is the name Seraphim.

Mystery name.As a child ...

Boy Fima (short Seraphim) is growing quite an active child, he loves outdoor games, playing sports.The boy - a tireless dreamer, he is able to literally go to invent exciting activities, new games.For this he was like peers, he has authority among them.

Study given to him easily enough.He - a permanent participant (and sometimes medalist) school, city and regional competitions.The success of educational activity - is one of the basic tenets embodied in the value of the name.

Seraphim in relationships

In any society, bearers of the name are the soul of the company, instigators.Seraphim quite easily able to generate new ideas, inspiring others.This guy is not waiting for him to ask for advice or help, he gladly offers its own.Surprisingly, it has its own principles and beliefs.In particular, the Seraphim considers that the responsibility for what happened lies on him.And most interesting is that it is considered noble for burdening Seraphim!

name value in astrology

Name permeated of positive energy.That is why its owners in most cases, become confessors, and if not by profession, by vocation and public recognition.This is, perhaps, the main significance of the name.

Seraphim - the name of the multi-valued multi-valued ... in the sense of the character of its wearer.The fact that personality traits Seraphim largely depend on the date of his birth.For example, born in the winter - lovers of honesty and integrity, these guys - these loyal friends.Those who were lucky enough to be born in the autumn, are masters of the case.They complaisant business executives.Spring Seraphim - mentors, leaders, managers, organizers said.They always help and never anyone not offended.Seraphim, born in the summer, keep the "exchange rate" on their own inner world.Their consciousness is a philosophical tone.They are prone to a variety of religious ideas.However, to the subordination of these guys can not.Only the lead!That is, my friends, is ambiguous meaning of the name!

Seraphim domestic

The owner of the name - a great family man.At home, he is unpretentious and accommodating.He - a great driver.The car for him, rather - a luxury than transport.The family business relationships are formed in the following way: it is quite hospitable to humans, and the relationship with his wife, he is very jealous, but does not tolerate jealousy on her part!It's a wonderful father.As a rule, men with the name Seraphim prefer to have at least two children.Typically, in these families, the light appears three children.Serafim this wildly pleased, especially if they are boys!In general, a family representative of the name is very strong and united!