Consumer Corner: what should be and how to get it?

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Reception or room service - is the "face" of any enterprise.An essential element in it is the stand of the information to protect the rights of clients.Informative and beautifully designed 'Corner consumer rights "could become a center of communication with visitors.The original stand will be the winning feature of the interior and help to emphasize the organizational image.In the selection of documents on the "Corner" must always be based on the existing rules.What should be the corner of the consumer in compliance with legal requirements?

legal framework "Corner of the consumer»

official legal basis for the formation of the stand is the RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" (vv. 8-10) and the right sale of certain goods (p. 10).

Stand "Corner of the consumer" deprived of the official name, as its wording in the legislation does not provide.Include a list of requirements and that it should contain documentation.

Companies related to any legal organizational forms, manufactures dispensing products or providing services, are required to ensure consumer access to information data about your business, about the operation, characteristics of products and services.

on the Rights of the client to get acquainted with these reliable data stated in the 8th article of the law.Required documents for the consumer to place the stand in a prominent and accessible place.Therefore, "Small" should be hanged so that visitors could freely approach him and to learn.

By law, the consumer is required to convey information such as:

  • official registration form, manufacture, sell a product or performing the service;
  • registering authority;
  • have a license and accreditation for specific areas of activity.

All information required for placement and Rules contain the sale of certain goods.Text of them also placed on the information board.Entrepreneurs who have violated the rules, expect responsibility, according to art.14.5 of the Administrative Code.

Required documents for the "Corner of the consumer"

for consumer stand should be prepared a number of mandatory documents.

  1. Certificate of state registration (certified copy).
  2. License - depends on the type of activity (certified copy).
  3. list of all departments and agencies (with addresses and phone numbers) that perform the function of monitoring and log inspection stamped bodies.
  4. RF Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.Inspection bodies usually take prints.Print documents from the Internet to reliable sources is not expected.
  5. Terms of the sale of certain products or services Terms of catering (choice determines the activity of the enterprise).
  6. book reviews.In most cases, it hangs on the stand in the pocket to be freely available to the consumer.The book does not apply to any of its components, as provided after the client requested it (p. 8 of the Rules of the sale).

The Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights noted that the sellers (producers or performers) with the help of signs to inform customers about the company's corporate name, address and order work.SP in addition provide data on state registration and agencies, to carry it out.Mode, which should always adhere to the staff, and is indicated on the sign stand.

Additional documentation to the stand

presence is not only mandatory documentation and more information plays an important role in the implementation of services and goods to the public holiday.The list of such documents is not regulated by law, but Rospotrebnadzor their checks.

list additional documentation for consumer stand:

  • evacuation plan and fire safety instructions.
  • SanPiNs (designed as separate standards for catering and food trade).
  • rules for the implementation of municipal services (used by enterprises in this sphere) and the price list for the services offered.
  • certain laws benefits and conditions of service for certain categories of the population.
  • Information related to the implementation of certain categories of goods.For example, the prohibition of and responsibility for the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to children.

to such important elements as telephones for the corner of the consumer are the phone numbers of emergency services (MES, etc.), agencies conducting control of vendors and services, where customers can make a complaint.It requires the presence of the address and telephone number of the local Department of Consumer Protection.

With a large volume of the stand can hang further and standards for the storage of food products, according to sanitary rules.Sometimes it is necessary to demonstrate to the client, and other information useful rules.

Design Corner consumer individually for all businesses.Every field of activity dictates the conditions.Beauty salon, hairdresser require sanitary norms and rules on the placement of equipment in the room.Commission trade is not possible without proper rules.Pharmacies necessary regulations defining the vacation of essential drugs.

supervisory authorities for the "Corner of the consumer"

Contents consumer stand tracked Rospotrebnadzor.If during the inspection found violations in the organization can be imposed an administrative penalty, the penalty: for entrepreneurs - up to 3 thousand rubles, and for legal entities - up to 30 thousand.Penalty can be appealed in court, but it is much easier to prepare all the documents at once by the rules.

Stand consumer protection is the object of attention of local authorities and agencies.In the list of mandatory information include local legislation.

certificates, licenses and certificates

All documents regulating the activity of the sellers (performers, producers), customer relationships, hung on the stand "Corner of the consumer".What should be on it to confirm the control of the state?


certified copy of the certificate of state registration of the company, which is referred to in the legislation (the first paragraph of Article 9. Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights").

copy of the certificate of registration with the tax office.

Certificate of Accreditation (number, period of validity and the agency that issued it).

Trade associations provide a copy of the document on the organization in the commercial register.It is formed by the authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and is regulated by the Law "On the basis state regulation of commercial activities in the Russian Federation."The register contains data on the trade sphere at the regional level, and enterprises engaged in the implementation and delivery of any goods.Manufacturers do not enter into it.


enterprises engaged in licensed areas must be licensed.Lawfully consumer has the right to see the license and find out who issued it, for how long and under what number.

Certificates and declarations

Certificates and declarations indicating compliance of services and work carried out by the existing regulations (document number, period of validity, or create departments to take).

The list of documentation should be provided in a constant room (bed for a client) and on-site temporary fairs, Tray commerce sales through kiosks, tents or away consumer services.

Assortment list and data on the services sector

According to the rules of service in the field of household services, the Contractor is obliged to provide information about the services to the customer.It is usually posted on the corner of the consumer.What should always be available to the public for review?

  1. range of services work together with the forms of their implementation.The form of payment, cost of services and materials required.
  2. Indications of standards for service provision and work execution.
  3. Period and warranty periods.
  4. information specialist, to perform the work.
  5. samples of contracts, receipts and various documents issued by the client.
  6. samples and magazines with visual models.

«Complaints» book

Making corner of the consumer can not be imagined without the book reviews.The organizations, which is responsible for its grant, include:

  • pharmacy;
  • catering;
  • commercial enterprises for the implementation of certain types of goods;
  • network of small retail trade;
  • company engaged in domestic service;
  • enterprise for repair and maintenance of vehicles, vehicles.

«Complaints" book, as a rule, located in plain sight, available and presented to the client as soon as he asked it.It is registered at the local office, controlling the trade and public catering sphere.It is being given the "Instruction on the book of complaints."

presence of books is checked in all the halls, shops, stalls, as well as the consumer area.What should be prepared in store for the visitor who wants to exercise their right to appeal?Of course, the chair seat at the table to write gratitude, request or complaint handling.

forbidden to ask who wants to leave a review of the client identification and any documents, ask questions about why he asked for the book, why write a complaint.

Journal of Accounting

requirements corner of the consumer due to the presence of the magazine for the accounting audit.He did not need to hang on the stand, but simply to have available.Representatives of the supervisory bodies left him a note on the results of checks carried out.Specify who carried out the event, date, time and reason for the check, its subject and tasks, notes about the violations and issuing reports and issued instructions.In fact the absence of the magazine is an act.Control activities are regulated by special legislation.

What should be included in the buyer's area organizations implementing alcohol?

Many businesses carry out the sale of alcohol products.What information should be prepared to provide interested customers?What is put on the stand?

In the consumer is required to hang corner of an excerpt from the 19th chapter of "Rules for the sale of certain goods".Under these rules, the organization's leadership must provide the customer clear and accessible information: price list, consumer properties, watch the sale of alcohol.

noted that the seller prepares and submits the first request of the consumer the following documentation:

  • Documents proving that the seller or the manufacturer of the product has been certified.
  • Data on state standards for alcoholic products.
  • information about the producer: the country of manufacture, company name, registered address, date and place of bottling.
  • Prices for the products (name, value).
  • nutritional value and volume in the container.
  • there are no contraindications to the use of alcohol.
  • composition and ingredients of products used additives.
  • information on ingredients produced from GMOs, or harmful to health.

All data are provided in view of the established requirements and technical standards.

It may look a stand "Corner of the consumer"?

What is the standard of the consumer area?No strict requirements.Regulations for the appearance, the stand location no.

main rule - the visibility, accessibility for visitors and the production of documents on demand.It is necessary to ensure a comfortable environment for the client to self-study documentation.

How to Corner the consumer?Documents can simply mark on the stand or in folders on the shelves, in any form convenient for customers.But isolated glass showcase for these purposes will not work, because prevents the main - accessibility.

this option is popular as a stand with the documents in the clear pockets.Sometimes it secured a small folder.If the documents are placed in a folder, you have to make a folder on the words "Consumer Information."It is best to keep it on display in the public domain.

for customers is always important to date information.Documentation for the consumer it is necessary to update as its obsolescence.

Ready Area Consumer (sample stand) can always be seen in many advertising and production companies in several ways.Before the production or purchase of the stand is necessary to collect a package of documents to be placed on it and to determine the size, number of pockets.

Thus, the lack of standards and a variety of options make it possible to make an aesthetically attractive and interesting "Corner of the consumer".What should be at such a stand?The documents, which regulate the activities of the organization, customer relations and obligations of the seller (artist, manufacturer).