How to transplant a money tree right

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Many of us tend to have a money tree in the house.Feng Shui (Eastern doctrine of home improvement) believes that the presence of this plant helps reduce constant heavy thoughts about money.Therefore, this flower is recommended for finance professionals, accountants and all those who have to constantly work with the cash flow.The notion that the plant itself can bring in some housing funds wrongly, it's just a flower.If nothing is done, wealth in itself does not appear.But those who work a lot, but luck does not come, certain types of Jade can help to overcome the "black" band.

How to plant a money tree feng shui?To do this, it, first you need to choose the right.Not every plant with thick stems and "chubby" leaves Crassula is the desired type.To remove the financial stress is only suitable flower, which is under the sign of Capricorn - Crassula silver, whose leaves store water efficiently and really resemble small "money."To maximize the flower interact with home and the people who are waiting for him to help, it is better to grow their own, from a single sheet, stuck in the ground for the cactus with good drainage.Previously it should be a little dry for a couple of hours.

How to transplant a money tree that it has brought material prosperity?It is believed that the grown seedling you want to transfer into the pot pre-embedded in a coin.As the flower he needs to pick up big, beautiful and deep enough capacity, becauseJade upper part is heavy and shallow pot, it can tip over.Beautiful vessel in this case would be a sign of respect that you show to the flower in exchange for his help in solving a hypothetical financial problems.

To Crassula not sick and well developed, it is necessary to know how to transplant a money tree in the annual activities to care for him.Transferring to a new "home" to perform better in the spring, when the flower awakens from hibernation.From September to March, it is required to keep in a cool place (about 10 degrees) and are rarely watered, not forgetting to periodically wipe the leaves, which is going to dust.In the summer, your "green Assistant" will require shading from light, fertilizer cactus type, watering no more than twice a week and lots of fresh air at a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.

How to transplant a money tree from one place to another in the room, the plant is better to "work"?A good location is a silver Jade in the north or the south-eastern area of ​​the room, in the office, where it will improve efficiency and help solve problems.It is an interesting experience by transferring money tree in the New Year's Eve close to the Christmas tree and decorating it with chocolate coins, hanging on red or yellow ribbons.

Now you know how to transplant a money tree optimally.Perhaps the whole complex of measures will lead to the fact that this plant will bloom you (which happens very rarely).This indicates that you are well enough to care for it, that it is prepared to bring to you a maximum financial luck.So says the legends and superstitions.Still, the main role in achieving a certain level of well-being is not given to the colors, and the people themselves.