How to get a passport in 14 years and did not spend the whole day in the queue

Get your passport in 14 years - this is the first serious test, which is exposed to a person acquires the status of a functioning partially.Simply put, the first and most important document in your life will be "mined" from the grown-up child difficulties, which is why he will need the help of parents.From the good it can be noted that now there is a new way of presenting the application and all the necessary paperwork - electronic, but to deal with it will require ingenuity and patience.

To begin to consider the classic method of how to get a passport in 14 years, documents that are necessary to provide for this, and institutions that have for this visit.The first step is to find the address of the Federal Migration Service in the city.For each such institution tied your area that it serves.Having dealt with where you need to go, you should begin to collect all the documents that are needed to get a passport in 14 years.

Firstly, the need for an application form 1P.The easiest way to fill it on your computer and print, putting the signature in the appropriate places.Another option involves entering data by hand.You can write both print and capital.The main requirement - it is in legible handwriting and the absence of any corrections or deletions.The statement with adjustments made will not have to rewrite it again.

Then you make two photos 35x45 millimeters.The right pictures can be ordered in almost any photo shop.Employees have the necessary software and high-quality equipment for the first attempt to make things right.Typically it issued three shots, while the FMS is required to provide only two.It is in some sense back to the safe side in case one photo at random will be spoiled.

Also, to get a passport in 14 years, will need to provide a document that is everyone from the birth, and be issued in the registry office, namely the birth certificate.It also contains a notation indicating that the person has the nationality of the Russian Federation and is eligible for this service on the part of registration authorities.

also require a receipt of payment fee that is charged for the issuance of passports of two hundred rubles.You can pay directly in the bank through cash or through self-service terminals installed.At last there is a pre-defined database of the Federal Migration Service offices, from which you can select the desired.

Now you just stand in a queue to get a passport in 14 years.If you do not want to spend all day on the seat in the stuffy corridors of the Federal Migration Service, that is a different way.You can receive a document by submitting an application through the Internet.

So how to get a passport in 14 years through the e-government?Very simple: register on the site of public services, to select an item on the initial receipt of a passport, and go easy procedure for filing via the Internet.Then, wait for the letter on e-mail, which will indicate the time when you have to go.Coming into the office by appointment, and thus bypassing the queue, you can retrieve documents without spending the whole day.