What are the juices?

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Probably everyone knows what benefits the body bring fresh juices.In these drinks contain the same useful biological substances that in themselves fresh fruit.But in liquid form, these micronutrients are absorbed faster by the body.

Now we will talk about what are the juices, the names of their list.Also describe their positive characteristics and effects on the body.Owning such information, you will be able to improve their health, eating a delicious and vitamin drinks.


What are the juices?Vegetables, fruit, berries, and even juices from the leaves.Each of them has its purpose.For example, orange juice strengthens the walls of blood vessels.It is often prescribed as a tonic for liver and hypertension.This juice is also excellent fatigue and raises vitality.

Which juice is flowing from the broken trunk of a birch?Of course, birch.This is a very tasty drink.It is used even in medicine.Birch sap is often used as a diuretic, and yet it is perfectly helps to cope with depression.

Fruit and berry

Grape juice drink is useful for people suffering from heart disease because it helps to prevent blood clots.With regard to the apricot, it helps rid the body of excess fluid, but it is not recommended to drink for those who want to lose weight, as well as diabetics.In order to improve digestion, pear juice can be used.It is rich in fiber and are often used in medicine as a diuretic.

Still what is juice?For example, plum.It helps rid the body of excess water and salt.This juice is an excellent laxative.Regarding apple, then it contains a lot of useful organic acids and carbohydrates, and vitamins.This juice drink is useful for smokers who are trying to break that addiction.Apple juice is able to partially restore the affected lung.But you need not only to drink the juice, but not smoking.In diseases of the respiratory system is also recommended to drink apple nectar.

And what are the juices that help in the fight against obesity?First of all I would like to recall pineapple.It contains a substance, such as bromelain.It improves fat metabolism and is involved in the process of fat digestion.

In addition, in the fight against excess weight cherry juice will help, but if you have high acidity, then you drink it is not recommended.The most loyal friend for weight loss - lemon juice.That is precisely this drink will help you lose a few kilos, but the truth is, it does not taste very pleasant.

Vegetable drinks

What are vegetable juices?Primarily these include tomato.It really nourishes and completely eliminates the feeling of hunger.In addition, it contains substances that help to prolong youth.

Yet what are the juices of vegetables?For example, carrots and beet.These juices have a positive effect on eyesight, especially if you combine the two vegetables in one drink.As for the carrot, then it can be diluted with apple or orange.This mixture improves immunity and has tonic properties.Due to this the juice starts to work better digestive system.Carrot juice promotes the excretion of toxins.

Benefits immunity

And what are the juices, improves the immune system?This category may include, for example, the juice of cranberries.It is a good anti-cancer agent and helps to get rid of the infection in the urinary tract.Moreover, it perfectly cleanses the body of toxins.

Cucumber juice can drink those who have problems with pressure, and even the juice strengthens tooth enamel.

Gastric ulcer is useful to eat potato.And cabbage juice helps to normalize the metabolism of fat.It is also perfectly cleanses the intestines of different types of pollution.

Tips for those who love fruit and vegetable juices

Now that you know what are the juices.Sometimes it is better not to eat this or that fruit and make it a tasty vitamin drink.So you will ensure maximum digestibility of nutrients contained therein.

If you use fresh juices, you will need to know a few rules of their reception.It is not recommended to drink the juice immediately after you prepare it.He had little brew.At the same time it can not be too long to keep the juice.It is best to drink it in ten or fifteen minutes after cooking.

Although there is one exception, it concerns the beet juice.It must hold for about two hours in the refrigerator before use.This is necessary to ensure that in the juice destroy all harmful substances and were only useful.