Initiation - that ... of initiation

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The world is changing, and the man is a social creature.The ability to co-exist in a certain structure is to be in her own.Almost all the peoples of the earth since ancient times there was a ritual of initiation.It went hand in hand with the ideology of the era and is essentially a technique of initiation into a new elite social group.

From a neophyte into Princes

Initiation - is the procedure for acquiring the status of a new initiates.Neophyte become a supporter, changing not only externally but also internally.Religious rituals are divided into three cohorts.After the first pass almost everything.It is committed by adults, as a young person growing up.This can be an individual or a group initiation.

second cohort - for the elite, those who considered themselves wise enough to join the fraternity.Third cohort - the elite.Since ancient times, it refers exclusively to the people who developed the special features and personality traits: the shamans or priests.

According to the laws of nature

Initiation - is just steps traversed by the individual in times of natural maturation.It is about spiritual growth, which is related to the harmonious human physiological changes.Adolescents aged 12-13 years are beginning to show antisocial behavior, turning into a new, previously unknown person.The rite of initiation was intended to bring back the young man a human face, however, gave him a mature experience of entering into the small world of new values.In ancient times, the teenager discovered the names of gods, reveals the meaning of legends and traditions familiar with the holy tribe.The young man had to catch a result of the connection between the "world of the living" memory of ancestors and supernatural manifestations.Today, this process is allowed to go on their course, the parents or the child inhibit change, or completely give himself.Independent person to go through this process can not always.

Temporal death

Initiation - a ritual death.A significant part of initiation involves symbolic dying, forgetting his former self, but a person necessarily resurrected.Death is preparing for the birth of a quality of life, a different value.In ancient tribe, for example, only after the sacred ritual of the young man he acquires the status of a member of society.After that, he received equal rights with adult men and carried to the new responsibilities.So important is the cult of his unique life experience that we all need to get to open a new sense of values ​​and meanings.Very often, in ancient societies teenagers were military and sexual rite of initiation.These rituals have been preserved in a number of African tribes.For intercourse with a woman young man is being tested, and then gets the first sexual experience changes the perception of the opposite sex and makes it possible to create a full-fledged relationship.

In turn, the loss of innocence for the girls also can symbolize the "small" death.Now women are available new experience and understanding of the body.

Traditional technologies

process of initiation has the same scheme in all traditions.These are three stages: the person expelled from the society (insulation);liminal or borderline stage (initiation);initiation into a new team.


be initiated means to go through all the steps in order.Before the event the person stands the test of loneliness.On the same stage associated isolation in prison or a lunatic asylum when people changing personally, acquires new qualities for a powerful breakthrough in later life.If it is about a teenager in today's society, the child often destroys the old friendly relations, moving away from their parents.He is more interested.New strong relationships can not yet arisen, since its value is still unclear.

Purification or transformation

The main purpose of the process - a return to "other" part of the world.Man is born "unclean" unfree.The first stage, cuts him off from the world of the dead, is given a name.Next is the initiation into adulthood, again through death and purification.In addition, the rebirth helps get rid of the ballast of alien qualities that have been vaccinated as a result of insensitive parenting.Initiation - it's like a refinement of the route of the way of the arrow of the compass.

the transition to a new quality, for example, from apprentice to master, death means to overcome the kind of walls, obstacles that can not be overcome by conventional methods.The old person has done everything to be near that section, and now she could die, then transformed by a person born on the wrong side and continue its path of spiritual development.

irresistible traditional ways obstacle is the difference between a layman and a warrior, magician, and altar boy, bride and wife, a squire and a knight, a free man and ruler.


From a psychological point of view, moral death - this is the stage, relieving the individual from childhood fears and complexes.After all, this burden is not possible to move forward on the adult life where a lot more responsibility.If you do not go through the ritual, then move on will be very difficult.Person is exempt from the past is emptied, it is empty, so sometimes the next step - filling the new values ​​- a long time.So the hero grows in schemes initiation of fairy stories.Retaining his person and transform a person, a person begins to create new strong and interesting relationship to integrate into a new environment.

Ritual subjects

Each nation has its heroes, symbols, filling the rite of initiation.Getting acquainted with the ethnic group in the tales and legends, from this point of view, interest stories where the main character dies and is resurrected.The World Heritage huge number of myths and legends, where the god or demigod passes through this transformation, like the phoenix.Based on the objectives of the ritual, choose a plot and stiliziruyut it to the context.You can write your own script, or combine several.History plays an altered state of consciousness, to reach the transcendental space where there are no boundaries.This is achieved through a special music, dance, food.In the liminal stage, the person commits a jerk, a person is transformed, with new quality.


Death death - this is the place where all the restrictions lifted.In the Mediterranean legends portrayed the killing as a monster, swallowed hero in Russian epics - death is equivalent to leaving the house in a foreign land.Farewell to life can be expressed in terms of the beating, mutilation, physical violence or strong emotional humiliation.In Scandinavia and eastern epic battle is characterized by the death and killing the dragon.

Kuban and other traditional Cossack culture young men passed through the stage of initiation.At this time, it was impossible to eat, drink, talk.They humiliated the moral, for example, forcing crow sitting on a pole, or a smear filth.Through the same moral pressure was the process of initiation for girls of marriageable age.They could whip whip thrown out of the house, thrown into the water in front of everybody.Shameful humiliation would end as soon as the girl becomes his wife.

Heroes Russian and Ukrainian fairy tales also pass through this stage.Ivanushka have to lie to save face and to please Baba Yaga in all ways.Baba Yaga is the main goddess of women's national epic, and the inhabitants of the forest - its priests.Getting out of the machinations of witches, Ivan gets new abilities, which are encoded in the form of a fairy tale magic items.

characters personifying death tales, have the features of the deceased: from witch - a leg bone.

The biggest fear for the person - is death, but the spirit - oblivion.The person who held the ritual of initiation and came in contact with it, acquires the most valuable resource - it is an experience of rebirth, and therefore - immortality.Initiation - is to overcome the biggest fear and the acquisition of real freedom.