What does the yellow color in psychology?

only people able to distinguish colors.We unconsciously use in clothing, makeup, wallpaper and curtains different colors, combinations that we like it.Each color has its own characteristics and affects people in a certain way, for example, yellow.Let's see what he carries in himself?

since school years, we know that white can be expanded to 7 colors, and the way back to get white.However, it is believed that the core of all three - a red, yellow and blue.If you want to check it out, you can easily experiment, take the paint and mixing them to achieve a certain tone.The three primary colors you get, then how easy it is to receive, say, green with two: blue and yellow.

The question is: "What does the yellow color in psychology, and how to use it?"

Usually it is associated with the sun.That is what color we paint the sun, sometimes orange, sometimes - red.That is, yellow is associated with the way we heat, light, shine, lightness.As the great Goethe wrote, it produces the effect of joy, vigor, excitement.Does the fact the role played by the yellow color in psychology, the fact that it can be formed by mixing red and green color waves?Sure, because the red - means excitement, and green - oriented.That is, the first in conjunction with the second lead to the explosion of psychological, emotional to discharge.Therefore, yellow must be "moderately" supersaturation them leads to fatigue and, consequently, nervous tension.

Interestingly, the yellow color in psychology means the need of development of self-discovery.Those people who are looking for change, a certain liberation, choose it.For example, it is pregnant women attending classes that focus on birth without fear.

believed that the yellow color in psychology - a symbol of discharge, clearing of irritation and tension.Anyone who aspires to new hopes and prefers it, and disappointed man, on the contrary, rejects.By the way, there is an interesting fact that addicts and alcoholics do not like yellow.

This color is a dangerous state of mind of a person when he is desperately trying to get out of the situation and grasping for anything that comes their way.It is a kind of symbol of hope and inspiration, as opposed to strong excitation, bordering on arrogance and hostility.

What affects yellow clothing on people?

his admirers are people with good intuition, adequate and active by nature.They can in a few seconds to take the right decision and at the same time to understand other people's views, but do not tolerate mediocrity.Such people tend to harmony within themselves and do not like trouble, skillfully avoiding them.

Yellow things and things look even with its large size weightless and light, dry and warm.If you want to keep warm is to sit in the chair of the color yellow or throw rug.It can become an assistant to those who are sitting on a diet, and insecure people.

We found that the psychological meaning of colors is very important in our lives.Good luck in the correct choice!