The most profitable business in Russia.

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most profitable business in Russia is in the field, to which is the soul of an entrepreneur.In other words, you only deal with things you love.However, this case still needs to be paid back and bring some income.Therefore, before determining the areas in which to organize a profitable business, you need to choose in the first place the most popular industry.

What business is considered profitable

In today's market the most numerous are the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.It is in any subject they may begin to function promptly, independently and without significant investment.

main criteria "level of profitability" of business are those:

  • rate of return of funds invested in the business.It is in this case an operating cycle.For example, from the acquisition of goods and receipt of money (in fact) from the sale must be expended the minimum amount of time.
  • demand.Profitable business can only be done in an accessible target audience potentially interested in those or other services.
  • cost of materials and raw materials.It affects both current costs and profit.
  • profitability.This indicator is strongly correlated with the previous two.Thus, profits will grow along with sales.
  • Capital productivity.This indicator shows the effectiveness of investments and their proportionality with the resulting profit.

Open a profitable business is easy

When one's own business is expedient budding entrepreneur interested in the political and economic situation in the country.The only way to determine the most profitable business in Russia today.It is necessary to designate itself the main indicators for each desired activity, to monitor the expected results on them.

As a simple example in the article the sale of essentials.This activity can be classified as a profitable small business.Analysis carried out on its efficiency the five criteria as given above.

  • speed of money transfer is quite high.For example, carried out in the store buying bread and milk, which snap up over the next few days.
  • demand for the same bread, matches and soap will always be, despite whether there is economic growth or crisis or war.
  • Low cost products with a huge choice of suppliers, and the margin is set independently by the seller.
  • direct relationship, which is expressed as follows: large sales volumes lead to higher profits.
  • high business efficiency, thanks to good sales and inelastic demand.

As a profitable business can be classified in the following activities: the beauty industry and entertainment, catering, retail, repair services, tourism and advertising business, followed by the installation service technology, Internet commerce, logistics, transport and educational services.

Deciding on specific activities

necessary to take into account the fact that, given a certain instability and economic situation of the transition state is not enough to identify the most profitable business in Russia, based only on standard economic parameters.It should also be mindful of the bureaucratic and political obstacles, high competition and the features of the mentality in some areas, as well as a small development of individual activities.Therefore, every beginner entrepreneur has to decide what he is willing to face to achieve efficient operation.No need to give up those niches that may at first glance seem hopeless and downtrodden, but with the use of special tools to organize the most profitable business in Russia.

main types of successful business

  • advertising.Many carry trade and understand advertising is the engine of their activities.Despite the competition, the demand will always be.Advertising agencies make up a large segment of the sector of services.At the same time they continue to develop rapidly in the future.Therefore, as a profitable business can be considered promotional activities.
  • Trade.Today, hard enough to break into the market with products of daily consumption.However, there is an alternative to it - Internet shops.This is a very profitable business in Moscow is gradually gaining its momentum.

Starting a Business in Moscow

capital is a city of great opportunities in which every citizen is trying to take its place.Is no exception and businessmen.Consider the basic activities constituting the category of "good business" in Moscow.

Providing small loans

In first place is the implementation of activities in the field of small loans.Today, many have opened an office in which high interest rates give a small amount of cash.Due to such a high percentage of business and receive income.This activity relates to the profitable, despite the minor investment at the initial stage.

Grocery stores and canteens

second place can be delivered for sale of food products.Despite the large number of such outlets in the capital, they are often located near residential buildings and are therefore quite popular.At the initial stage, small financial resources needed to pay rent, purchase of goods, salaries of employees and the costs of obtaining various permits to trade.

Accommodation tents fast food can be considered as a profitable business at the location of the tents, for example, on the forecourt.It is associated with significant costs for renting or purchasing premises, which can be redeemed by the high turnover of the cost of services, due to the large number of visitors (departing).

sale of drugs, cosmetics and personal care

This kind of business is in third place on the benefit.Opening at least one pharmacy in one of the central areas will give him the organizer of significant income that can be compared with a profit of several similar institutions, but in a residential area.

lucrative business selling personal hygiene products and perfumes associated with a constant demand for hygiene products for each person.Return on this type of activity in Moscow is much higher than in other cities.A positive aspect is the relatively small costs associated with the purchase of goods and payment of the rental premises.

public land transport services

Payback of the business is guaranteed due to the annual increase in tariff rates for travel.At the same time the cost of taxes, the payment of staff salaries, fuel and maintenance of rolling stock often remains unchanged.


And finally, the last place in the list of profitable types of business is the provision of medical services.Among the advantages of this type of activity can be distinguished: a little staff, rented a small room and medical equipment.