Updates about the study

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Teaching - light ... I'd rather be sat in the dark!

I will not go over to the school!I was a teacher there intellectually harass! =)

Study - no money!Never run out !!!

not recorded lectures - save a tree

scientists light and for the light to be paid))))))

Study pregnancy - last 9 months sick the second week, and to give birth, not all turns out.

Teaching - light!And not a doctrine - a little light on the job !!!

smart not the one who learn from the 5, and the one who knows how to get the 5 ..

two first-grader did not share the guy because the division held only in the third grade

Exams is when it dawns, and you have not noticed,when it got dark ...

Dogryzayu granite, cursing science ....

Eyes Crazy !!Wool on end !! - she is sitting, diploma wrote)))

Session crept imperceptibly, grabbed by the hair and slammed on the desk and asked: "Well, as life?"

In general, student life, with its perpetual lack of sleep, malnutrition, nedotraha in his personal life and peretraha in public a much stronger effect on potency than menthol cigarettes

For students the most important thing is not to take the exam, and he remembered about him

Depthneckline dress from students who had come to take the exam, is inversely proportional to the depth of her knowledge

STUDENT strange animal ... At the time, as in normal animals the tail of the ass, ass from them-from the tail !!))

better go downhill slag than a guy from philology!=))

world woven of meaningless rituals like higher education.

Learn, learn and learn - things are absolutely incompatible three

Important when writing diploma after every good idea not to put a smiley face)

If it is green and choppy - a biology if it stinks - chemistry, if not working - it's physics.

better booty leave the grater than to learn from the top five!

European students to study hoarding.Our - the session.

's just sit do the lessons - always somebody wake !!!

not understand himself - do not let the other understand!

homework - the result of sluggish current privacy.

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