What's in a name?

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Everyone knows how the name affects the destiny of man, so the parents are so scrupulous approach to its choice for their children.It is not recommended to change it, as this may lead to unpredictable consequences.

One of the most popular in Russia - the name of Mary, which is derived from Mary.On the origin and transfer it is very difficult to decide, but one thing everyone agrees - it happened from the Hebrew Maryam.The value of the name translated into understandable modern Russian language is different.The most common variant - "Madame," but is often used as "rejected" and "sad."Less popular - "bitter", "favorite" and "stubborn."

Many parents, not knowing the meaning of the name Mary, give her children a rather complex and difficult nature of destiny.Usually such behavior is caused by the careless way Russian folk fun girl that is so familiar to all from childhood.But there are those who are guided by comparing the church, hoping that the child will inherit the pious character of the mother of God.Another factor - a lot of gentle variations.

However, such error is very reckless.In fact, the value of the name of Mary is so contradictory that all the offensive and diminutives derived approach one hundred percent.The nature of Mary's neighbors and rigor and tenderness in equal proportions.It may equally become a decisive leader and a quiet homemaker.In both these cases, the woman is happy, feeling out of place.

Mary has a special energy that attracts people, but she herself never committed to their community.But very often it suffers, because he sees only the good in others.Thoughts and feelings she prefers to keep to himself, but the rage does not mince words.She is very hot-tempered man, a factory because every detail.

The meaning of the name Mary hides and contradictory behavior.Usually, people are very happy and careless.It is easy to maintain and have a talk to his audience, a little prone to artistry.But inside is very Maria collected personality, they are prudent and attentive to detail, and in some situations can show cruelty.

But despite all the ambivalence and not very favorable root meaning of the name Mary carries a very positive color, especially for the elect.She is very devoted to her husband.Keep warm in the family for it is not difficult.Next to Mary the man an opportunity to feel like a real.It is without a doubt "gives" himself and asks nothing in return.This often leads to bitter disappointment.

Overall Masha in life go well, almost all.People listen to her opinion and knowledge are easy.A man wearing a name is not averse to dream, but very firmly on the earth, remembering things mortal.The paper laid out on the full.With the right education and support of Mary can turn a great man.The most important thing - it is true to ask the purpose of which she reached, no matter what it takes.