How to choose a tiller, which come from?

In place of a conventional shovel has long come cultivators - machinery adapted for plowing the land.But many wonder: Is it worth it to take?Whether it is useful in the household?After a positive response there is a question: "How to choose a tiller?"

finish the first.That is capable of this technique, and whether it is beneficial to buy?Tiller is fairly simple to use and repair, as it is relatively quiet and quite reliable.Among its features: plowing the land, getting rid of the roots of weeds during this and the ability to mix the fertilizer to the ground.Plus cultivators is light weight - no more than 55 kg.And his power is 1,8-6,5 liters.from.He was also a positive feature is to work with various equipment: trailer, plow, hiller, Potato and many others.There is also a possibility of setting the wheels on some models.It is thus possible to make cultivators of the vehicle, and if still attach the cart, then it is possible to transport various goods.

So, how to choose a tiller?What you need to start?The first thing to evaluate their land if it is small, and the earth there is soft and loose, you should take the equipment lighter and weaker in power, and if your site is quite large, and the land on it hard and bad, then why not take it-That stronger.Of course, you need to choose a technique based because of its features - what equipment is installed on it, what kind of work it carries out with him.For example, if you only need a tiller to plow the land, it would take only a plow and other equipment is needed.Very popular US cultivators because of their high quality and at the same relatively low price.

Another problem in deciding how to choose a tiller, is the difficulty in choosing a manufacturer.Today is very popular and common is a technique from the company "Honda" and from the Russian manufacturer "Neva".

Brand "Honda" has worked well in the Russian market.Tiller "Honda" is equipped with modern engines of the same brand, which has the reliability and durability.This technique satisfies all the desires of the consumer in respect of the ground.The advantages of this technique include: full automation, very low noise, the details of the durable and reliable materials, the maximum safe operation.

Tiller "Neva" - Russian challenger "Honda".They are also well distributed among gardeners and horticulturists.The primary market distribution is Russia and the former Soviet Union.The firm is working with such brands as "Honda", "Subaru", using their engines in the production of equipment for the work on the ground.This technique is available since 2002, and has already won the hearts of many gardeners.

So, the question of how to choose a tiller rather simple.It is only necessary to know why and for what land it needed and decide which brand to take, and who to trust - Russian producers or foreign.You can now safely take the tiller.