Chicken manure: application as fertilizer

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chicken droppings on the structure and content of nutrients in the 3 - 4 times richer than cow.In addition, it has a very long-term effect.Once entered in the beds, this kind of manure continues his "work" of the order of 2 - 3 years.However, the use of chicken manure to improve the yield of its different nuances.Consider how they fertilize the beds properly.

The best and most common way to have gardeners - do not use a dry and diluted manure.The fact that the fertilizer is very strong and excess doses, and use fresh could hurt plants.Simply put, they can burn.Chicken manure, the use of which is desired in the dilute form and slightly decayed, filled into the barrel so that its volume is not filled to more than a third.

then waiting for about 4 days while stirring occasionally muck.It is best to cover the container with plastic wrap.This will reduce nitrogen losses and save the section from the odor.Further prepared as chicken manure, the use of which is allowed in too high doses, dial into a bucket and dilute with water to approximately 1 to 4. The color of the resulting mixture should be similar to the color of tea.The beds she paid at the rate of one and a half liters per 1 square.meter area.After this procedure, the soil must be immediately shed plenty of water.

Chicken manure, the use of which it is desirable to feed the plants twice a year - fertilizer, which almost instantly causes a rapid development of plants, their flowering and fruiting.The first results will be seen after about 2 weeks.However, its use is strictly necessary the above doses.The fact that its constituent nitrogen is in the form of uric acid is able to inhibit the growth of young plants and seedlings.Also, decomposing, it is gradually converted into ammonium carbonate, which can result in a surplus to the accumulation of nitrate in vegetables.

Especially useful is chicken manure for strawberries.In this case, it is best to make before the first leaves.At later stages of feeding to do their utmost care so as not to fall asleep bushes completely.If that happens, they can die.

Chicken manure, the use of which is allowed only in the form of decomposed, can be prepared in a different way - by composting.To do this, the land is filled 30-cm layer of peat.This is followed by a layer of manure, peat and then again etc.I get a bunch to prevent odor covered with plastic film and covered with earth.After about 1.5 months resulting compost will be ready for use.

To feed this kind of organic fertilizer can not only herbaceous plants, and fruit trees.We use a solution of fresh or composted chicken manure at the rate of one part to ten parts water.His leave to infuse for 2 - 3 days and then poured over tree trunks, contributing about 8 - 10 liters per 1 m2.To do this you need fertilizing in early or mid-summer.