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just and comprehensive presentation of the basic formula of entrepreneurship.

I - entrepreneur.I trade my risk.I put the money and do not know what will be the result.No, of course I'm trying to forecast business plans and analyze markets.But the end result is always unexpected and often not at all similar to what was started initially.

Basically, my life is like a game of roulette, but all is much slower and the chance to win I have more than that frequenter of casinos.In this post I want to talk about what helps me in life and what prevents.So, let's begin.

1. Indifference to errors.What is it expressed?In a quiet acceptance of the fact that everyone can make mistakes.Anyone can something I do not notice, do not know, do not take into account not provide.I never scold subordinates for mistakes.Just because they are not corrected or re-committed.

This habit developed over the years in the financial markets.At first I was doing all that is written in books.Open positions to monitor the market and nervous, nervous, nervous.If successful transactions happy if unsuccessful upset.And I knew it was impossible, but to beat yourself, it took several years.Now I do not do any shares, or forex, but the habit to refer to money as to the numbers remained on the screen.

It carries over decisions.Who cares how many times we make a mistake, as long as the sum is greater than the sum of pluses minuses.Plus training on their own and others' mistakes.Home ispytvat no illusions that the mistakes you can learn something new.And to understand that mistakes just teach us how not to do.

2. indifferent attitude to the opinions of others.Pessimists, reinsurers Verkhoglyad simply revolves around a notorious personalities even drown.And where did they just come from?If they are taken seriously, it is not necessary to engage in business, it is better in a psychiatric hospital or in a cemetery.

therefore work with experts to build very simple.Listen to the views, understand the rationale, was a sign of pros and cons, to form an opinion, made a decision.Authors slogans but what are you! ", And remember how it then ..." and suddenly something happens, "nothing happens", so do not! "," What people will say? "Sent to the garden.The risk is always there, and nothing can be done.Afraid to skydive - go play checkers.Do you want to risk your money - go to work for his uncle.

3. Mixing business and morality.It is a serious obstacle, but no go.People constantly confuse these two concepts.I myself, a sinful deed, sometimes confuse them.But I try to catch myself and keep it in their hands.It is useless to be offended by a customer who extorts press or roll back.It is useless to take offense at the banker, who did not give credit, so when you need.Similarly, it is useless to be afraid of offending employee, fired him in favor of the company.

I think business is business, its purpose - to make money without breaking the law (salary, taxes, the environment, etc.).And if someone does not like it, I do not care.Take the current hot topic with the "fortress Deripaska."In a nutshell, he wants to evict the workers from belonging to him under the law apartments, and tenants require that these apartments they were presented.The scandal erupted.So, I believe that the apartment - it is property of the company Deripaska and he is free to do whatever he wants.And the requirement to give workers the apartment due to the fact that they worked in the factory for life - it is distributing.They can not demand that they can only ask.

4. The vision of the ultimate goal.This is the most difficult.So you want to do what is pleasant and comfortable, but not what is needed to move to the goal.It is treated in two ways - planning and constant reminder of the goal.The first thing I do not like because of the rigid framework.And if you do not comply with the framework, and there is no need to plan.Much more I respect the organization of the system based on the technology of GTD (get things done).The program is very much, and the paper can be.Disciplined thinking with terrible force, labor productivity grows at times.You are free, no bosses, no one commands.One strength of will to force yourself to work is usually not enough.And it is necessary!

5. Control everything.Have you ever seen how pilots preparing for takeoff?They have a list, which lists all the operations.They know it by heart.And, despite the many years of experience will still use it.So it is in business.Instructed, keep in mind, write it down and forget, and when the time comes check execution.Bureaucrats experienced call it feedback.And I do not need to personally oversee every detail, it is enough to follow the key points.The general principle is - if you do not control the process, the process will be managed by you.

This basic.There are little things, but they are not so important.General business like a drug.After tasting one, you will always come back to this.Once sipped freedom and risk, employment seems boring and fresh.

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