Bedroom Feng Shui - is your ideal man-made

At all times the master bedroom is considered an important part of any home.Where a person spends much of his time restoring lost energy and getting a supply of energy for the coming day.That is why it is very important to secure a pleasant and comfortable conditions for rest.

perfect assistant in the arrangement of bedrooms is considered ancient Chinese science - Feng Shui.It allows you to understand the system of balancing the various energy flows in human life and how to manage them to get good health, a high level of prosperity and happiness.This science requires a particularly deep knowledge, but even beginners can easily improve the power of her bedroom, if they take into account several important rules.

The first is to conduct general cleaning in the bedroom.It is best to start with the arrangement of the room: the wallpaper on the walls must be carefully glued ceiling smooth and clean.

sure to take care of the cleanliness of chandeliers and screw it working light bulb.If you are not able to constantly keep it clean, get a simple chandelier, which will not accumulate a lot of dust, dead insects and other things that attract negative energy Sha.

bedroom feng shui should not be crowded with unnecessary things.Conduct an audit in the locker room and without regret get rid of those things that are no longer in use.To rid himself of regret, remember that keeping extra clothing and bedding old, you block the path of positive energy Qi.

Particular attention should be paid and furniture.According to the science of Feng Shui, the bedroom furniture with the undesirable presence of "dangerous hands", in other words, with sharp corners.This is because an abundance of angles creates contradictory and restless atmosphere, makes confusion in the smooth flow of energy and provoke health problems, both physical and spiritual.

bed, which is based on the bedroom feng shui, should stand the headboard against the wall, but to be able to freely come to her from all sides.Nightstand or table near it should be low so as not to block the access of energy.

Some difficulties may arise from wanting to create a feng shui studio.But there is one simple and effective way - small and light screens.They do an excellent job with the role of delimiters space and allow you to separate area for sleeping and relaxing on the workspace.

ideal bedroom feng shui can be obtained at the following features FURNISHING:

  • Do not put the bed with his feet toward the door, as this causes a subconscious association with the dead, which is why you may experience fatigue, trouble with health and even problemsconceiving children.If the bed is not possible to rearrange, then use the screen.
  • Do not direct the head of the bed to the window, because that is where there is a source of energy.Since she does not have time to separate into positive and negative, all its impact falls right at you.This can be avoided by using a vase of fresh flowers or a special crystal, which is located on the windowsill.
  • Do not sleep on two separate beds, even if they are put together, as it shares the energy and causes quarrels and dissatisfaction spouse.The ideal option would be a bed with a large mattress.

If your bedroom Feng Shui has some shortcomings that can not be eliminated, screened negative energy with the help of "the music of wind", crystals, fresh flowers and screens.

Remember, your bedroom - this is primarily a place for rest and relaxation, so choose a quiet and natural colors of wallpaper, for example, beige, white, light yellow.If you wish, you can add brightness surrounding area with the help of pictures in green and red colors.