How to get a move on a machine newbie?

first difficulty faced by novice motorists, it's a smooth drive off with the car seat.Slightly I pressed the wrong pedal and everything - the car will stall or go in spurts.But all this does not matter, because every experienced motorist at the time just learned to drive.And today we may consider them in detail in this issue and know how to get a move on the machine.

What to do?

You have to have three pedals and gear knob.On vehicles with the "automatic" only two: the gas and the brake - and learn from it, to be honest, nothing.In the case of automatic transmission does it all for you electronics, so the question "how to start the car and go," there is not as acute.Much more difficult to master driving skills in mechanical box.Therefore, we considered it was her.So, how to get a move on a machine?At first, before turning the ignition key is necessary to assess the situation: if the vehicle is on an incline, with the first transmission is enabled, there is a risk that the wrong-doing he will go or rol

l downhill.Whatever happens neither one nor the other, press the brake and clutch pedal.

When the machine is started up, click again on the extreme left pedal (with, if the vehicle is on an incline, do not release the brake) and translate the gearshift lever to the desired position.Not recommended if you start on the second or third gear worse.Firstly, it is a big load on the engine and transmission, and secondly, the machine simply will not go either immediately stops.

Slowly release the clutch pedal and with the same effort to press on the gas until the tachometer needle does not rise on the green scale.So you feel that the car began to slowly move.To further he did not stalled, continue to vary the two pedals with the same effort.When you press the gas a little more confident, but not to the floor to prevent the machine crashed into a barrier near.When the clutch is fully released, we continue to move as long as the engine speed does not require upshift.Do not be afraid to push the gas pedal because of the fact that the car now "fly."Slowly press on it, and everything will be fine.With experience you develop into this skill.

shift gears

question "how to get a move on the machine," we have already discussed, now move on to how to shift gears.In principle, there's nothing complicated, and the algorithm of action is very similar.Before you go to the car in second gear, remember that you first need to wait until the engine attains the necessary momentum.When the tachometer needle comes out of the green scales begin to move switches.First, squeeze grip, translating into a second gearshift lever to the neutral position, then the scheme include a second.The second step is required in order to reduce the load on the transmission gears when changing speeds.Now, as in the first case, release the grip and press gas.So did the next switching speeds.

Conclusion So, we found the main nuances when you start the car and switching speeds.At this stage, the question "how to get a move on the machine" can be considered closed.