How to turn hoop to lose weight in the right place for you

One of the best simulators for the waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs is a hoop.It will not only help to clean up your figure, but also improve the cardiovascular system, heart and stomach.Sometimes it is used to prevent some women's diseases.

hoop advantage is that we combine exercise with massage, which in turn leads to greater consumption of calories.That is, the fat will break down much faster than when using a separate massage and exercise.

Hoop known to us since childhood, but how to turn the hoop to lose weight, only a few know.

Before physical activity, you need to select sports equipment.There are four kinds of hoops: light metal or plastic (hollow inside), weighted, massage (with beads on the inner side) and assembled (this may be decomposed into two or four or six parts according to the type and weight).If you have never or have not used this round, then your choice is best to stop at a light or modular hoops, gradually moving to a weighted or massage.

The next important questio

n is: "How to turn the hoop?".To lose weight, enough for 15-20 minutes a day, but this is the minimum time, as in the first 10-15 minutes the body will use up glucose and energy located in the muscle tissue, and after that the process of splitting fat tissue.The best option would be from 40 minutes to an hour.

very much depends on the technology, which describes how to turn the hoop to lose weight in the desired place for you.

Here's what else is important to remember that the body had no bruises and bruises, it is necessary to twist the hoop on both sides alternately.

So, learn how to turn the hoop to lose weight.Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, stomach in as much as possible, his hands behind his head (you can throw in their castle).Rotate an hoop, gradually gaining momentum, while trying to raise and lower it from the knees to the chest and back.During the lessons, you can use special massage corsets, thereby increasing the speed zhiroszhigatelnogo process.It is very important to pay attention to how your feet are located.The closer they are to each other, the more effective will be busy.Also watch out for the rotation of the hips.Turning radius should not go beyond the line of the shoulders, otherwise it will create too much load on the spine.

And that's not all the nuances of how to turn the hoop to lose weight.During employment with a hoop, you can use special breathing exercises, saturating the body with the necessary amount of oxygen.To ignore this is not necessary, since oxygen - this is one of the components, which is involved in the breakdown of fat tissue.During intensive training the body must receive oxygen in large quantities, or can occur anoxia whose symptoms include dizziness, fainting, loss of appetite, and even slow down the process of fat burning.

The literature contains a lot of information on how to turn the hoop to lose weight.But we hope that in this article you also learned something useful.