Transatlantic liner 777

All brochures and descriptions emphasizes that the 777 is fully designed using computer programs.Journalists and fans of information technology underline the fact that the design and production of aircraft not created any graphic document.All the detail and assembly sketches were drawn up with the help of the programming and the use of computer graphics.Even the assembly of the aircraft was made in the virtual space.All work on the design and manufacture of prototype lasted nearly ten years.

In size Boeing 777 is considered to be among the largest civil aircraft.Its length is nearly seventy-four meters, and the diameter of the fuselage - more than six meters.The weight at takeoff, when fully loaded and refueling - two hundred sixty-three tons.In order to raise a "colossus", need appropriate power engines.Over its creation worked well-known engineering companies.Requirements for developing thrust and placed very high reliability.To date, 777 set some engine modifications, which are determined by the specific requirements of the customer.

Inside liner can accommodate 386 to 550 people.This amount depends on the equipment and the number of salons.If the 777 is equipped with three class lounges, passenger load is minimal.In the case where the on-board are business class and economy class on a flight can go 479 passengers.Loading the maximum possible in the case when all the seats are the same, economical comfort level.At the same time the main crew is two - three people.Such minimalism became possible only due to the high reliability of the entire powertrain and on-board control system.

on reliable aircraft is given the most attention, including from the licensing services.The 777 is equipped with two turbojet engines.In the case when one of the engines fails, the aircraft will continue to fly to the alternate airport for another three hours.In general, the maximum duration of the flight of the liner is more than fifteen thousand kilometers.In this regard, it should be noted that the modernization and improvement of the aircraft is ongoing, and its specifications are changed for the better strontium.In test mode range it has reached the mark of 20,000 km.

777, a photo that impresses with its scale, demanded that the designers of the maximum voltage.All the knowledge, insight and experience have been directed at solving various local problems.One of them is to maximally facilitate the weight of the aircraft.To achieve this goal we have been developed and applied composite materials that have desirable characteristics.Particularly discussed chassis design.And the solution was found to a very simple and effective.That such a result and we've got the most advanced and comfortable aircraft to date.