Passenger airliner Boeing 757-200

official development airliners Boeing 757 began with August 1978.Airliner Boeing 757-200 was developed by the American Boeing Company, instead of the Boeing 727. The new planes were designed for use on domestic routes and on international flights between the US and Europe.

Model aircraft with 160 seats Boeing 757-100 has not received further development, therefore the company was beginning to develop new aircraft.As propulsion engines were used type JT10D-4 and RB211-535.The first version was certified model aircraft with takeoff weight of up to 99.8 tons, which is then increased when upgrading to a value of 115.6 tons.The latest models are equipped with powerful turbojet engines bypass type.

The main feature of the model 757 was the simultaneous development of the model 767 wide-body airliner, which is also seen as a Highly economic model is a new type of aircraft.Boeing has used a single board and electronic systems, as well as general cabin crew.

Today, aircraft of this type is considered the best project of the company is widely used and a large number of carriers.Production of Boeing 757-200 aircraft was completed in 2004.All were released in 1050 models of aircraft of this type.When you create a design applied advanced technology used mainly for fuel efficiency, the creation of low-level noise and provide increased comfort and higher performance equipment.

Boeing 757-200 has been in operation since 1983 and continues to be used by many airlines and is currently on the air routes with the distance to 3000-7000 km.In comparison with similar models, the aircraft is manufactured with an increased total number of passenger seats.The Boeing 757-200, which allows you to see photos of the cabin is distinguished by its safe and comfortable environment for passengers.The plane has a capacity of over 200 people and is used mainly in the busy airways.Top speed aircraft - 860 km / h with a maximum passenger capacity of up to 228 seats.

Airliner Boeing 757-200, interior scheme which depends on the selected layout is in the passenger compartment of the 186-th to 279-minute seats.The passenger compartment has separate two classes: Business Class and Economy.The business class can be located up to twenty seats with folding backrests.

design of the aircraft is based on the scheme monoplane with two engines mounted on pylons under the wings.The fuselage of the Boeing 757-200 is made of semi-monocoque scheme.Landing gear is built on three pillars, which are fundamental in the rear.In addition to the passenger modifications made and the cargo version of the plane 757-200PF.This model carries out transportation of cargoes weighing up to 38 tons.Aircraft of this type is different characteristic feature, which is the presence of a side door.

Airliners Boeing 757 operated mainly US companies, the largest of which are the company American Airlines and Delta Airlines.