Valuation of intangible assets - a delicate part of the assessment of business

in the enterprise, in any financial and accounting reports, there is a concept - "Classification and Measurement of intangible assets" (IA).It's a part of the capital, which can not be touched, seen with the eyes, but it is profitable company or organization, and the very long in use.Valuation of intangible assets includes the identification of the right of ownership to them.In determining the value of, for example, business, intangible assets can play a crucial role, ashigh raise the price of the company, especially if it brings good returns.

Valuation of intangible assets - a recognition of the business that comes before the release of the NMA.By analyzing these sales is expected in the market value of the business, then the estimated value of tangible assets, and the difference between them and the price of intangible assets.

Currently, there are a lot of companies that conduct the audit of intangible assets.What services do they provide?

- Licensing - are now more advanced and widespread form of technology transfer in the economic markets of developed countries.The package includes an assessment of the audit company licenses, asthey can be the main asset of an organization or enterprise.

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- A patent on the brand of any product, technical idea and its solution, trademark and evaluation of this document is a significant part of the benefit of its owner and gives him certain advantages, as opposed to a competitor.

- Computer programs and special techniques, methods for solving financial problems, administrative, technological, called know-evaluated in order to introduce them to the authorized capital of the organization or sale.

- Goodwill Company estimated the auditing firm to identify benefits received by the buyer, acquiring operating companies, are very popular among consumers and brings a good income.This assessment is called goodwill.

to the best possible use of these and other intangible assets, many leaders of organizations are increasingly interested in the determination of the value of such part of the capital, because its inclusion in the assets of the company promotes:

  1. tax benefit organization.

  2. manipulating the amount of depreciation deductions, the creation of the Fund for the acquisition of new objects of intangible assets.

  3. increase the market value of the enterprise.

  4. accounting of all assets of the organization.

  5. into account the cost of intangible assets during the reorganization or liquidation of the company.

  6. determining the size of the share of intangible assets in the authorized capital.

  7. Identified intangible assets at the cost of their purchase and sale.

There are other advantages in the management of the enterprise.And in intangible assets included more well-trained staff, the reputation of the manager, copyrights, ideas and suggestions with regard to advertising the product, any advantage on the location of the site.And how competently and professionally will assess intangible assets depends on the further development of the company.