21 little-known fact about the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast"

Perhaps this tale, and as old as time, but no one has entertained generation after generation so catchy songs, hilarious dialogue and the world's best animation princess, like a classic Disney movie.We have collected some facts about the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast," which may surprise you.

And here's another: can now skip the campaign to a bar or a disco and see the old VHS tapes clobbered with classic animated films.Believe me, and Beauty and the Beast deserve.

1. only five minutes in the film are songs or music.

2. Chip in the film originally had only one line of text.But the producers have not been able to resist his charming voice, so they added a lot more.

3. Julie Andrews, the star of the movie musical "The Sound of Music", auditioned for the role of Mrs. Potts.

4. A voice of the Beast, that is, the Beast could speak Regis Philbin (in the movie "Shrek Forever After", he voiced female character Mabel).

5. It was the first Disney animated film, from which the songs were pop version.

6. Until 2010, "Beauty and the Beast" was the only animated film to be nominated for an Oscar for the best drawings.If Belle was able to walk down the red carpet, it's likely she would have preferred her gorgeous golden dress.

7. A set of paintings on the walls of the castle - a dense version of well-known artists.For example, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Goya.

8. Paige O'Hara was already 30 when she voiced 17-year-old Belle, which, indeed, seems mature for his age.

9. It was the 30th animated film from Disney.

10. ¬ęBeauty and the Beast" - the first animated feature film, received the "Golden Globe" in nomination "The best film in the genre of comedy or musical."

11. Patrick Stewart had to abandon the role of Cogsworth.He prevented the "small project" - TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

12. animator for the film made 120,000 pictures and 1,295 background images!

13. Initially it was assumed that Gaston will be eaten by wolves after the fall of the wall of the castle Monsters.But the producers have reserved this idea and use it in another great animated film "The Lion King."

14. Belle - the only person in town who wears blue things, which, as it symbolizes the good and red, in contrast, symbolizes the evil, such as, for example, Gaston.

15. Initially, "cute and funny" hero of the film was to be a music box.But then came the chip and said: "Goodbye, Felicia."

16. According to the original plan of the track "Be our guest" had to perform a character named Maurice.Well, in the end, this song got Belle.

17. The film has a dedication Eshmenu Howard, who wrote all the lyrics.He died before the film was completed.It was his last large-scale work.

18. Angela Lansbury thought that another character has to sing "Tale as old as time."But she was asked to make a trial recording.The rest is history.

19. Chip - the only inhabitant of the castle (in addition to the Beast), who calls on the name of Belle.While "Mademoiselle" - the same sounds good.

20. Sherri Stoner was used as a model when drawing the image of Belle.Artists have tried to replicate the way the actress bites her lip, and she throws her hair.

21. Character name LeFou says as the French word for "fool."Quite aptly.

Photo source: wenn.com, zimbio.com