Moscow shopping center "Dubrovka"

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In Moscow, lack of shopping malls there.In each district of the capital certainly has more than a dozen centers to suit all tastes - from the luxury boutiques and pathos with exorbitant price tags to indoor areas more reminiscent of the good old flea markets.Improved version of the latest version of a shopping center "Dubrovka", which is located in the south-east of Moscow.What is this complex, it is worth to go and see and how to get - so you learn from the material of the article.

"Dubrovka": description

This complex, built near the metro station of the same name - "Dubrovka" represents a huge three-story building, occupying an area of ​​more than 180 thousand squares.Next - an impressive parking for seven thousand cars.You can easily park your car here.And there are places for both cars and for trucks.Assess the extent of the center can only personally visited here.

A look at what is.All three floors are spacious shopping pavilions, offices and numerous cafes, restaurants.Behind the main building of the center are equipped with roomy warehouses.Let's examine what infrastructure is a shopping center, "Dubrovka".

complex infrastructure

As mentioned earlier, outside the shopping center there is a huge parking, storage series, office building and showrooms.Inside - all for the visitors of the complex:

  • shopping arcade with numerous pavilions and shops;
  • food court area - restaurants catering;
  • some cafes and bars;
  • banks and ATMs and terminals on all floors of the center;
  • supermarket;
  • clinic and Driving School (run nearby).

undoubted advantage of the complex, according to many tenants are comfortable and clear trade infrastructure, pleasant interiors and spacious corridors and pavilions center, intelligent arrangement of exit (directly to the gate of the subway station), ample parking.All of these features on a daily basis and provide a steady stream of visitors.

The assortment

Rest assured, no matter what you were looking for, a shopping center, "Dubrovka" very likely to be able to offer it.Numerous shops and pavilions of the complex there is a huge range of variety of goods.Here you will find:

  • casual, sporty and festive clothes, shoes;
  • leather and fur products;
  • goods for tourism and sports clothing;
  • jewelry, watches and accessories;
  • computers, video and audio, home appliances;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • household goods;
  • food;
  • bags, wigs and more.

The shopping complex has shops both retail and wholesale.Goods from Russia, Europe and Asia are available in different price ranges and for all tastes.

"Dubrovka" shopping center: customer reviews

large daily flow of visitors seemingly speaks for itself - customers like this complex.But, as it turned out, not all.For veneer and high-sounding title "shopping center" hiding the real clothing market - only indoor and therefore more comfortable in terms of the weather.

Many visitors say that the range presented in the halls, "Dubrovka" not particularly attractive and varied.Things are often of low quality, and this despite the fact that the low price level can not be named.Often the fitting has to carry out "behind the curtain" (as in the old "market" times).Especially surprising comments about the lack of cash registers in some stores of the complex - a good mall, this situation is unacceptable.But here is a little surprising.The shopping center "Dubrovka" moved many of those who had previously traded on the market is already closed in the Luzhniki Stadium, as well as the former owners of small shops (not withstood strong competition from shopping centers).It turns out that the shopping center - a beautiful name.But in reality - a regular indoor market.

"Dubrovka": for or against?

Who else is coming "exploration" in the "Dubrovka"?And is it worth?It is best to visit the set of those who knows exactly what he wants and where exactly in the center (as it is not so little) you can find it.It is worth and the ability to bargain - yes, the old system is still running.If you have enough time to search for the right product, you are sure you are well versed in it and know how to choose and how much to pay estimated and not particularly demanding for comfort - you can try to come back in, "Dubrovka".The other place is better to look more pleasant.

"Dubrovka" shopping center: how to get

access to shopping complex in several ways.The most popular - on the subway.The undeniable advantage of the center is its convenient location.The complex is located a few steps away (right at the entrance) from the metro station "Dubrovka" Lublin-Dmitrov line, green line.Near the shopping building - Volgograd prospectus and the TTC.

If you are traveling by taxi, then destination - "Dubrovka" shopping center.Address: Street Sharikopodshipnikovskaya house 13. The complex is located near the Third Ring Road, not far from the center of Moscow, so to get here (if fitted) and you can own.However, in order not to get lost, better to make a route from the starting point (your location) to the end (shopping center "Dubrovka").Driving directions available on the official website of the complex.Following the detailed instructions, you can easily reach places.By the way, the center works on a very specific schedule - from 6 am to 8 pm (no weekends).

Advantages and disadvantages of the complex

One can not say about whether to become a visitor or tenant space in the shopping center "Dubrovka" (shopping center).Moscow "colorful", the people in it are very different - each has its own priorities and preferences.Therefore, we select only the basic, objective pros and cons of the complex.The advantages include:

  • large shopping areas;
  • convenient location (near the exit to the underground, near the third ring);
  • spacious parking lot;
  • large flow of people (plus for tenants) and a large range of goods (good for consumers);
  • reasonable prices (compared to other shopping centers).

Interestingly, some advantages can be attributed to the shortcomings.For example, a large area - have a lot like looking for the right product.The relatively low price (but not lower) cause the conditions of arrangement of the complex - they are not very comfortable, especially for those who like to enjoy the shopping and the very process of Shopping.

In general we can say that the shopping center "Dubrovka" has its own "circle of admirers" as the buyers and businessmen (tenants).There are those who are completely satisfied with the terms of the complex, which can not but rejoice.