CEO: responsibilities and requirements

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Anyone who is looking for a job, not just encountered the ads with fabulous salaries and the key phrase "required to CEO."Obligations of the main character of any company in many seem simple: sometimes he appears in the office, encourage the best worst fires.And then he goes somewhere to rest on the firm's profit.In fact, all of this - only the visible part of the iceberg called "acting CEO."It's not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Without any embellishments, very busy company with the largest set of diverse functions and the highest degree of responsibility - a CEO.His duties, in fact, combine all the things that have to perform the rest of the staff, plus the responsibility for the activities of each of them and the company as a whole.

How to become a general?

way, the CEO in most cases, the same employee, the owner of the company was invited to this high office, thanks to its experience and professional skills.However, up to this chair and can "grow" in your own team.Here you are a manager, then senior manager, marketing, director of marketing, director of development, and finally CEO.Your Responsibilities This will expand exponentially.However, for those who want to make a career, it is just attractive.

Director General.Responsibilities

So what does this have to be able to diverse people?Responsibilities Director General are highly advanced range:

- management of the company in the broad and narrow sense of the word;

- coordination of all departments (and in the presence of branches and subsidiaries, including located in other cities and countries), from recruitment and hiring to the decision on their dismissal;

- making decisions on the introduction of various innovations / changes in work / activities, etc .;

- development of the company both in the horizontal and vertical plane (extension activities, improving the quality of services, opening of new offices and branches, etc.);

- the organization of uninterrupted and efficient operation of all departments;

- increasing the turnover / sales, etc .;

- settling legal, economic and other aspects of the company;

- representing the interests of the company at different levels (negotiations, transactions, signing of some types of contracts, etc.);

It goes without saying that all of these items - a brief summary of the duties of General Director and each of them includes a detailed list of tasks.

What should know the CEO?

Acting Director General imply the existence of a series of knowledge and skills.Depending on the specifics of each individual company, this list may vary, but the basic requirements are saved for all directions.The Director-General should know:

- legislation and legal framework relating to the scope of activity of the company, as well as general provisions;

- tax, environmental, labor laws;

- decisions of federal, regional and local authorities, one way or another affect the area in which the company operates;

- the specifics of production (services), which is engaged in the company;

- corresponding segment of the market, as well as related industries;

- management techniques productive and nonproductive processes;

- method of personnel management.

As well as having considerable experience in leadership positions, to be able to operate in multi-tasking and clearly aware of its responsibility for any and all their actions or inaction.

Despite the abundance and diversity of cases that must be addressed to the Director General position of this very interesting and allows ambitious employee to realize their full potential, getting to work not only profit, but also emotional and psychological satisfaction.