Ostankino meat processing plant - the largest supplier of sausages

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It's no secret that everyone wants to see on his dining room table quality food.Particularly picky consumer in this regard to meat delicacies as salami, sausages and dumplings - are integral components of the daily diet of so many people.This high quality pays maximum attention to the Ostankino meat processing plant, which could be considered a veteran of the Russian meat industry.This company has been more than fifty stores and successfully apply in practice the Soviet tradition of sausage production, not forgetting parallel to this in due time to modernize.

Currently Ostankino Meat Processing Plant is a leader in the consumer market, producing every day more than four tons of delicious sausages.

little history

above, the company was established in 1954.Initially, the product range was very poor: sausage, sausages and dumplings.

However, after three years of its existence, the company received a resounding and promising title - meat processing plant "Ostankino".By this time the inhabitants of the Soviet capital and tasted the products combine with pleasure bought it in Moscow grocery stores.Meanwhile, the company's production facilities continued to be built.

in full force Ostankino Meat Processing Plant earned only in 1965.Only a few years after the launch of full-scale enterprise, and it has become the largest supplier of meat products not only in the Soviet Union, but also in European countries.In the early 90-ies of the last century, the rate of production decreased almost 15 times.At the same time the plant goes into private hands, becoming a public company.

extensive network

It should be noted that the production of the Ostankino Meat Processing Plant is in high demand in many Russian regions.Contracts with a lot of farms that supply the province of high-quality meat.

company management will make every effort to create its own trade and retail network.

Today's situation

Currently, more than the above, the company is known as the company "Ostankino-new standard."The company received new technical equipment.Ostankino meat processing plant acquired new production facilities.At the beginning of zero it was constructed two huge complex on breeding pigs, equipped with the latest technology.Every year the population of these animals increases.

highest quality products

course, Ostankino meat feedback from staff which suggests that the manufactured products are really high quality, is one of the main suppliers of meat products in the Russian market.What specific products are in high demand among consumers?

Firstly, this sausage "Ostankino", which is presented on the shelves of grocery stores boiled, smoked and jerked in the form.

Second, quickly bought sausages "Ostankino" cream, which are made strictly according to the Soviet formulation.For this reason, the taste of sausage of the communist era has survived to the present day.Of course, the production technology is based on compliance with GOST the time when production uses only natural ingredients.These include beef and pork lard, butter, spices.Sausages Copts only natural sawdust, so that they acquire a spicy creamy taste, incredible richness and amazing flavor.

Third, the favorite product of the Russians - is the famous "Doctor" sausage.It is this recipe was taken as the basis for the manufacture of sausages, which also came to be called "Doctor."

And, of course, consumers are in the delight of the taste of dumplings "Ostankino".It should be noted that this popular in our country, prefabricated on an industrial scale for the first time began to produce it in the Ostankino meat processing plant.

Those who want to pamper their loved ones home-cooked meals can buy fresh meat at the factory.And it can be done from home via the Internet.Ostankino meat processing plant, the official website which is called "Sosiska.Ru" can satisfy all the demands for high-quality meat products.At the same outlets enterprises are located in close proximity to residential buildings, which is extremely convenient.

optimal price / performance ratio

Management "Ostankino Meat Processing Plant", whose address is: Moscow, Garden fare, 18, monitors not only the quality of products, but also for pricing.Thus, cold meats, sausages and dumplings are readily available for citizens who have a low level of income.


course, many consumers are happy with the price, and what is the range of products of the Ostankino Meat Processing Plant.Moreover, all celebrate the convenient location of outlets enterprises.

ordinary employees of the company like that in the workplace to respect the rules of corporate law.Also, the staff said that the Ostankino meat processing plant - is a safe place of work, which is partly a guarantee of stability in the future.

However, there are negative reviews, including low wages and insufficient development of the commercial network.