Job descriptions director.

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Director of the company - a position that is considered to be a solid, popular and very popular among the applicants.Become a Director today is not easy: it is necessary not only to have a good education, but also possess those traits, which can be useful to carry out their basic duties.In general director - the person who manages the company and oversees its work.

job description Director: foundation work

In his work the director must be guided first and foremost by the current legislation and all legal acts, which are to some extent regulate its activity in the enterprise.In addition, the Director General shall comply with the orders, if any.Incidentally, the director general job descriptions are not very different from those to be followed by a regular officer.However, the head of the highest level has more authority and responsibility.An employee who holds the position of director must also possess special skills and knowledge, to own several languages, to operate the rules of etiquette, to be able to conduct business negotiations.Usually from applicants for this position requires knowledge of the PC.

job description Director: Acting

What does the director in their time?Firstly, it provides and controls the fundamental goals and functions of the company.Secondly, the director takes care of establishing profitable relationships with customers of the enterprise.In addition, his responsibilities include control over the various departments of the company, including sales department, sales and other departments available.The director is also considering entering claims and responds to complaints.It monitors the work of all employees and coordinates their activity, ensures that the tasks were carried out in a timely manner.Among other duties - record keeping, implementation of personnel management, development of documents, maintaining positive morale in the company.Of course, all these responsibilities are given as examples and this list may have additional items depending on the structure of the company, its size, the staff and their positions.

job description Director: authority and responsibility

Director is authorized to request from other managers and staff necessary for its operation documentation, offer to consider various types of management proposals to improve the work of the company, make decisions within the framework of their duties.The Director is responsible in case of default of their duties, in violation of regulations companies and business ethics, as well as in other cases stipulated by his job description.

job description Director: working conditions

Terms and mode of operation are determined by senior management.In most cases, a staff member working in the office from time to time leaving on business trips.In addition, the regulations of the director will be different from the direction of its activities.For example, job descriptions CFO will include work exclusively in the office, while the Director of Development will work more outside the office.