Archangel Michael: prayer for each day.

Orthodoxy widespread cult of angels, or as they are called, bodiless heavenly powers.The leader and the head of the hierarchy of the latter is considered to be the archangel Michael, photo iconographic images which are placed below.This Hebrew name means "who is like God."For twenty centuries of veneration of the masses in the people's church has grown and strengthened, taking its place in the spiritual practice of Eastern Christianity.To learn how to pray to the Archangel Michael, we'll discuss in this article.

Daily worship of the Archangel Michael

Among the prayer texts that mention the archangel Michael, prayer every day is the most common.There are several variants of it, but here we present one of the translation into Russian.

Text daily prayer to the Archangel Michael

Lord, the great God, the King, has no beginning!Send your Archangel Michael to help your servants (names).
protection archangel us from all visible and invisible enemies.Oh, great God Archangel Michael!Destroyer of demons by holding all the enemies who fight with me, and make them like sheep to pacify the evil of their hearts.Crush them as the wind waves dust.Oh, great God Archangel Michael!Six-Winged foremost ruler and commander of the heavenly host - Cherubim and Seraphim, be my help in temptations, misfortunes and sorrows.Be my refuge in the desert and the sea.Oh, great God Archangel Michael!Deliver me from the delusion of the devil, when you hear me, a sinner, praying to you and calling your name.Be present help me and I conquer all resisting power of the Holy of the Holy Cross, the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints!Oh, great God Archangel Michael!Help me, a sinner (the name) and set me free from earthquakes, floods, fires, wars, and accidental death, from all evil, from the flattery of the enemy, deliver me from evil, always, now and ever and ever and ever.Amen.

Origin daily prayer to the Archangel Michael

Such reverence that gets in the bosom of the Church of the Archangel Michael.Daily Prayer in this edition - is a translation of the people's prayer, which comes from a peasant background of the XVI century.

There is, however, a version that the original text of the prayer served as the final prayer of the canon angel terrible governor, written by Tsar Ivan the Terrible named Parfeny Urodivogo.We agree with this, not all.Some historians suggest that the text, which referred to the archangel Michael - Catholic prayer, translated into Old Church Slavonic after significant processing to opravoslavlivaniya.An indirect argument for this is that the list was discovered that prayer takes place not later than the middle of the XVI century.

The cult of the Archangel Michael, from prayer to the plot

It should be noted that the role played in the Russian society, the archangel Michael - a very strong protection against all sorts of enemies and misfortunes.This led to a rapid transformation in the popular mind the actual practice of prayer in the practice of conspiracy.Therefore, it is often the texts that mention the archangel Michael (prayer every day is no exception), it was not only in prayer books and prayer books, but also lists the various charms and spells.These things have always been popular in Russia, despite the direct condemnation of the church.In fact, the Orthodox Church and folk magic coexist harmoniously in the environment of the people, filling each other and promoting cultural development.For example, without the influence of the village sorcerers and healers gained their influence on the piety of the Archangel Michael Church.Very strong protection it provides believers in his power, made him one of the most popular characters on the fringes of folklore.Thus he acquired a special position among the other characters of the angelic world, which is revered in the Orthodox Church.

Some lists are accompanied by the prayers of the postscripts.In them, among other things says that the person who reads this prayer, daily reading it will avoid the temptations of the devil, the evil spirits resentment and enemies will be in the heart and soul of a great joy.And if a person dies in the day in which he will read this prayer, his soul will be guaranteed to be rescued and freed from hell.

Of course, this is not the orthodox interpretation of the prayer, as the Church is of paramount importance personal piety, that is what is called life in Christ.If the security, joy and even the salvation of the soul are only guaranteed a daily reading of the prayer, then what's the point in all this piety and in the church and its sacraments?

Unfortunately, this kind of superstitious attitude to the constituents of the Christian life is not uncommon in the church yard, especially among the laity.However, the approach postulates self-acting effect of a text is completely alien to authentic Christian spirituality.

Modern prayer to the Archangel Michael

Those options prayer to the Archangel Michael, which are spread today differ little from each other.The most common discrepancies are caused by errors in translation and attempts to bring the Slavic text of the modern Russian language.Any differences thus end with the difference in endings and interchangeable synonyms.

Prayer for President

In the last few years one of the options became a prayer to communicate with the Russian president, whose personal patron for some reason considered to be the archangel Michael.Daily Prayer for President celestial warlord distributed by churches and monasteries, although it lacked a formal approval and blessing.

In this edition of the surname and the name of the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin.For example: "Lord God, the great King, which has no beginning, gone, O thou most High, thy Archangel Michael to help your servant Vladimir."

Responsibilities Michael (archangel)

no secret that in the tradition of the Church of the saints there is a kind of division of labor.That is, every saint is the patron of this or that sphere of human life.Not spared this tradition and angelic forces.Involved in it, and the archangel Michael.Patron whom the commander of the heavenly host?Of course, this warrior class, and all concerned, - the army, the military industry, etc.But first the Archangel Michael - the patron of commerce and business.Therefore, we give a translation of the corresponding prayer, read by believers entrepreneurs who want to enlist the support of the great archangel in their earthly affairs.On the other hand, such a division of responsibilities - a thing rather conventional Christianity and, in fact, alien to her.In fact, any saint can pray about anything.The same principle applies to the angelic forces, among which is no exception, and the archangel Michael.Beadwork, cycling, construction, health, marriage, parenting - all this you can pray this servant of God.

Patron trade archangel Michael: prayer for each day of trading

Oh, great God Archangel Michael!In humility, I beg you, obtain the blessings of God, but he will overshadow his blessing my business and labor, which is inscribed to me to make purchase and sale of goods of the earth have they need.Made me full of living faith in your help and intercession!Made me rich all that is the will of the heavenly Father, give me enough income to land on his condition to be satisfied, and in the age to not lose the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.To thee, O God, the great archangel Michael, I cry.You saved me before, and protected, and the beach, so I have not sinned.Let not sin in the future against the faith!Hear me now, and come to my help!I've worked hard and you are led by honest my hands, in which there is no crime.Ask for the grace of God, let me reward for labor, according to his divine word.Let filled with the works of your hands tired, that I could I live comfortably, serving God.To intercede for me, the great God, the archangel Michael, but the Lord gave me the creature comforts of my labor for the glory of his own.Amen.

Archangel Michael - the defender of the devil

Church tradition tells us that the head of the angels is the main enemy of Satan and all the fallen spirits.The name Michael carries the imprint of the ancient apocryphal legend that the devil was once a bright angel, and even the right hand of God in the name of Lucifer.But he was proud, envious of the man whom God raised before the angels.Pride caused Lucifer to rebel against the Most High.It was then that he said that he would like God, and his throne above the stars of God will supply.After it was no longer a third of the angels.But one of the archangels heard this insolence, cried out: "Who is like God?" - And led the high-handed against legions of angel Lucifer, remained faithful to God.In memory of this and began to call him "who is like God", that is Michael in the Hebrew language.It was in this role demonobortsa often depicted the Archangel Michael, photos of which can be in this article.Therefore, Christians often pray to him for protection against demons and witchcraft.

Prayer Archangel Michael from the devil

Lord Archangel Michael!Help us sinners (s), and deliver us from all the tricks of the enemy of the human race, from the great evil, demonic flattery, devilish delusion and demonic possession.Protect us, but do not touch the wicked enemy and we will not hurt us, and our souls.God the Holy Archangel Michael, lightning thy sword turn away from us all the unclean spirits, to tempt us.Amen