Fox-shifters and means against them

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Fox generally considered China's mystical incarnation of the dead man's soul as foxholes are often located next to the graves.Foxes attributed to the art of seduction and transformation.To succumb to the charms of a fox at all times been the horror of any Chinese, usually spends a lot of time and money to acquire amulets designed to protect him and his family from the "fox glamor."

conjugal relationship with a person is the ultimate goal of a fox, because in the process of sexual intercourse it receives from a man of his life energy, it is necessary to improve the magical possibilities.In addition, Virgin introduced foxes women in trouble to get his second rebirth.A man bewitched "fox offspring" are beginning to get sick and die soon.

However, the fox and was the object of veneration ritual - all over the country to her shrine erected and sacrifices.Women often left at the entrance to its burrow fox shoe, believing that it can help the fox turn into a girl, and, wishing thereby avert a werewolf from his own family.In addition, the fox being considered, which led all the secrets of nature, and which therefore can be cured from the disease, get rid of troubles and to assist in dressing.

According to legend, the fox-werewolf has a chance to be a girl, if her life she was a witch or not different virtuous behaviors.In the transition to the state of inanimate beauty of the girl, as usual vampires, magnified than a fox and is enchanting to young people.Then it penetrates into their home and drink blood.As the name implies, it can turn into a fluffy black fox.Often, caressing the children or the elderly, in the hope that it will take the house.As protection from foxes werewolves in homes and vacant lots put stone figurines in the form of chanterelles standing on his hind legs, and wrapped in a shawl.It is believed that the fox to see this figure, think that the house she had a rival and go from there.

man may discover that his beloved - fox-werewolf.For example, it may see its tail, because to a certain age foxes still can not part with all the attributes of the breed, but everything else they fully corresponds to a normal body.

Fox can take its true form and accidentally - during deep sleep or too much in a state of intoxication.In some places, there are ideas about the fact that if a person "suspected" bring the flame of a candle or even fire, he immediately reveal its true face.

main criterion magical powers fox becomes her age.Submissions Chinese magical properties of animals and objects have always been associated with their age.Fiftieth fox can turn into a woman can become a beautiful century-old can become a saint, or it may be a man and start a relationship with a woman.May be aware of what is happening for a thousand miles, is fluent in the art of seduction, fools man, so that he loses his mind.A thousand years fox opens the laws of heaven, and it becomes the Heavenly fox.

Since the foxes, in most cases, were considered evil spirits, then against them could apply the proven time right remedies, such as bright lights and loud sound, recitation of the sutras, spitting and even urinating, a branch of peach and willow, red beans,wormwood, bamboo shoots, colorful silk cords, roosters and cats, dog blood, and the sword of the mirror, the image of the tiger, charcoal, earth, taken from the grave, the nail of the coffin, ancient coins, jade pieces, scraps of fishing net.

However, the adult foxes, the more sophisticated to be a way to help a person get rid of the "fox delusions."

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