Vladimir Monomakh: During the reign of Kievan Rus

Grand Duke of Kiev Vsevolod wanted after the Grand Duchy ruled by his son, says the story.Vladimir Monomakh, however, did not want the emergence of strife and his will had abdicated, handing it to his cousin Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich.He walked with him in the campaign against Polovtsian and supported his rule.However, Vsevolod will still come true.Svyatopolk died in 1113.

Home reign

After the death of Svyatopolk the people revolted against the usurers.Noble called on the tip of Kiev, Vladimir to reign in the hope to end the turmoil and unrest.He agreed and, as expected, suppressed the uprising.Then, the new governor of Kiev decided to look into the causes of popular discontent.He acted as a conciliator contradictions of different social layers of the population.His will was adjusted a number of rules regarding the debt law.

Vladimir Monomakh issued a charter by which greatly improved the situation of the poor class of people - the arbitrariness of usurers was banned, enslavement because of debts dropped.Kiyani many years wanted to see the Prince of Kiev was his, and their expectations were met.

Vladimir Monomakh: During the reign of

From 1067 and 1078 he became the prince of Smolensk and Chernigov, respectively.He was also a writer, a warlord.Prince Vladimir Monomakh, which during the reign of 1113 - 1125, ruled the state for 12 years.His mother was a Greek.Anna (Maria) K. was the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomakh, hence the nickname of Grand Prince of Kiev.Board Vladimir noted the political and economic strengthening of Russia, came the flowering of literature and culture.It was the construction of churches, creating chronicles, began writing Patericon Caves, which included the lives of many Russian princes.During this period, Daniel describes his journey to Jerusalem.

Vladimir Monomakh was fully developed and educated man, had a penchant for literary activities.In his "Instructions" Prince of Kiev left the descendants of sage advice, he condemned the infighting and called to unite and be one unshakable people.He did not forget about the legislative work and after Yaroslav the Wise refined it.

Family Prince

Historians suggest that all Vladimir had three wives.Also, he had ten sons.The reign he bequeathed to the youngest, who was called Mstislav the Bold, he ruled for seven years.Vladimir Monomakh, during whose reign was marked by a notable rise in the lives of all people, was one of the last rulers, under which Russia was unified.His sons have won many victories and made successful campaigns were brave warriors and captured the city.These feats made famous prince in Europe.Vladimir Monomakh, whose portrait is shown below, always stood up for the people, for the last of his great respect.

Policy reign

Vladimir Monomakh, which began during the reign of one of the most peaceful for the state, has always been for peace and against civil strife.As a wise man, he understood that the internal disorders only harm the state.However, in its desire to keep the peace, he was often at the center of controversy.In 1078, he was a participant in the battle Nezhatina Field during solutions internecine dispute, the cause of which was his father's ascension to the throne.

After that Vladimir became the prince of Chernigov.Then he handed the city Oleg Svjatoslavovich who wanted to attack and have a fight.But Vladimir Chernigov left and moved to Pereslavl.Here, people have been very pleased with his principality, t. To. In his face was protected from the excesses of Polovtsian.Later Pereslavl was transferred to his younger brother Rostislav and Vladimir himself moved to Smolensk.He always tried to keep the peace with the princes of crown lands, helped them to resist external enemies, was one of the initiators and active participants of the congress.

course, Vladimir Monomakh, which was during the reign of one of the most successful, was a strong and wise, aware of the need to avoid strife and internecine disputes.Prince also was cruel but fair.He did not tolerate willful rulers who threatened to shatter the boundaries of Russia.He's not a drop of no doubt and stop the aggression on the part of both external and internal enemies.Other rulers were afraid of him - Greek emperor, recognizing the growing power of the Kievan Rus, Vladimir prepodnёs gifts, among them - the scepter, the cap, the ancient bartenders and power.These items and began to symbolize the future reign.

Result reign

Through the reign of Monomakh strengthened Russia has increased its credibility in the eyes of other countries.Many people of Kiev had hoped that the reform of the system affected by Vladimir succession.However, as a wise ruler, Monomakh saw that can follow such changes in the abutment state - a series of wars and fighting among all the princes, who would not want to lose the right to occupy the board.

Vladimir lived in '73.In 1125, on May 19, he went to the church on the banks of the River Alt.She once was built according to his orders.He died at the entrance to his beloved church.At the same place it was once murdered Prince Boris.Buried was a great ruler in the Kiev-Sofia Cathedral.