V-7 - flying discs Third Reich

Articles diskolёtah resembling a flying saucer UFO appeared in the mid-20th century, aroused great interest and a lot of controversy and speculation.A message appears that such objects were seen in Germany, Italy, on the Mediterranean coast.One of the articles was written by an expert in the field of aviation and aroused particular interest.For such notes followed by a denial of the authorities, who assured that such diskolёty were not found.Of course, many guessed that these statements are implausible.

"Fau 7" - flying disc Third Reich

Someone named Richard Miethe said that these devices were, and that there was proof.He said that 10 years ago Germany began for the implementation of the project "the V 7".However, the precise location of the labs and other details were unknown.The release of the book "The German weapons and secret weapons of World War II and their further development" only fueled scandal and rumors about flying objects similar to saucers.Her translation was carried out into many languages.According to some versions, "Fau 7" (flying disc) could be produced in Siberia, and the inventor could speak Austrian Schauberger (despite his talent designer genius, he was a patient of the clinic for the mentally ill).

Base in Antarctica

There are many versions of what is hidden under the Antarctic ice laboratory, where data can be hidden flying objects.The first mention of this theory appeared in the novels Landing.However, in the original version, the location of the laboratory is in Northern Canada.Perhaps the author has decided that Antarctica is more reliable shelter, and there are likely to be hidden flying saucer "Fau 7".Despite the frivolous attitude of many of these theories, some still trying to unravel the mystery of the location of the laboratory in the ice.These ideas were fueled by the fact that there were speculations about the prepared German base in Antarctica, where scientists were brought minds of Germany and where later planned to escape Hitler himself in the case of an unfavorable outcome of the war.

Tests in Peenemunde Peenemunde

landfill was another "loud" areas associated with the finding of the German UFOs.Some utverzhali that here were built these aircraft, it was also a favorable place for the first test.Labor was not enough, and on the initiative of General Dorbergera begun to attract prisoners from the concentration camp.One of them witnessed the events taking place at the site.He claimed that he saw a round machine, which in its form was similar to the inverted basin.At its center was a clear drop-shaped cabin.

When you run the unit published a hissing sound, and all vibrate.A former prisoner of the camp saw with my own eyes how the object took off and hung at a distance of 5 meters from the ground.Some time UFOs held such a position, then spun around and began to climb.When the flight was observed instability.Wind gusts strongly acted on it, and one of them turned the plate in the air, resulting in lower unit.According to him, this test will fail, saucer exploded, and the pilot was killed.Also, information on similar properties were received from nineteen officers and soldiers.They claimed that they had seen an object in flight, like a plate with a transparent cockpit in the center.The scientists concluded that this unit is a "flying pancake" Zimmerman.The facility was constructed in 1942 and had a speed of 700 km per hour in level flight.

flying saucer "Fau 7"

German engineers have developed several models of UFOs, each time improving design and adding new solutions.The first modification was named "the V 7".Its development was conducted in the framework of the "weapon of retaliation."This unit had more fuel and more powerful engine.To stabilize the plate during the flight, the steering mechanism used such as that which is present in the plane.The first tests were carried out in 1944 (May 17) near Prague."Fau 7" has excellent technical characteristics - Lifting speed of 288 kilometers per hour, and the horizontal movement of 200 km per hour.

Models plates

to have survived the information about the existence of eight projects.The first of them was named "The wheel with the wing" and was tested in 1941.He is considered the first facility in the world that could take off vertically.After "Fau 7" appeared modification "Diskolёt."Her trial was held in 1945.In subsequent years, a "Disk Belontse."This was even more advanced model.Designers of this unit were Belontse, Miethe, Schriever and Schauberger.The model with a diameter of 68 meters there was a one-off.The engine is compressed air consumed, emissions are then carried out through the nozzle.The flying object was equipped with noise-control system, which is supposed, Schauberger developed since the beginning of the Second World War.


jet aircraft and rocket Third Reich, no doubt, got a big boost and development in the period of the Second World War.However, new developments Germans were late.Most modernized "saw the light" at the end of the war.When the "weapon of retaliation" was created, the need for it disappeared.Those projects that are ahead of the time of its creation (bombers, fighters, and so on. D.), As well as "the V 7" Flying Disc 3 Reich were often in a single copy, and did not have time to strike - the war had ended.Anticipating his defeat, the Germans destroyed the lab, polygons, which were tested UFOs.Gone was also part of the documentation, and lost themselves flying objects.However, due to the speed of advance of the Red Army, many went to the winners.After the war, these materials have been at work on supporting aviation projects.