System approach in upravlenii.Dostoinstva and disadvantages.

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Now more and more businesses realize the value of a science of management, which includes many different directions on a variety of topics.It is a systematic approach to manage to optimize all phases of work at the enterprise, which, in turn, will inevitably lead to a reduction in costs.The company is considered as a single organism made up of many individual pieces and elements in the accent attention to the links between them.

management systems approach emerged in the late 50s of the 20th century, at the peak of the production boom.The scope and volume of steel production to increase many times, and the decisions taken on the basis of the old rules and attitudes, could not save the situation.There was an urgent need for something new to be able to combine and adjust for maximum productivity huge complexes.

first step in changing the ideology and the rules of that time was the systematic thinking.Now when there is a problem using this method, it was possible to build a complete picture of what is happening, to see the weakest elements and prevent future difficulties.With the development of science and the development of new rules of people come to the most difficult.A systematic approach in the management of staff and to this day is considered to be the most difficult, because each person is unique, and sometimes there are situations that even theoretically could not be provided.

first production as a social system began to consider American Ch.Barnard.In his version, any organization will exist only if there is a hierarchy.Due to the fact that people are willing to join and obey in order to achieve these goals, the vertical system is perfect.Any organization, other than the state or the church, he thought privately.A systematic approach to managing, in his version, be sure to include the following elements:

1) system operation.

2) incentives.

3) The system of government.

4) a logical system of decision-making.

main feature of this approach is a hierarchical structure as the power - on the one hand, and the weakness - on the other.In other words, everything depends on the man standing at the base of the entire system.If he has the knowledge, working hard, trying to optimize the work, such a systematic approach to the management will exist as long as there's this man.

In large enterprises, employing more than 100 employees, these functions are performed by managers who, in turn, controls the supervisors.Managers can call both composers and conductors.Located directly at the place of production, they can quickly solve any problem, but their actions depend on the goals and objectives, which forms the central figure in the vertical of power.

System approach in management is quite complicated and has many aspects that can change the outcome.Its main task - to establish a well-functioning system, which not only allows you to see the whole picture, but also, if desired, will make it possible to optimize, modify or improve it in order to reduce costs.