Difficult words in the Russian language

In recent years, the Russian language is actively updated with new words.And most of those words - difficult.They are referred to not only because people have difficulty in writing them, and because they are composed of several roots.

Difficult words in the language are very convenient because they allow more precise and concise name an object or phenomenon, such as "non-stop", "white man", "car repair".Why are these words so difficult in spelling?

Most often complex Russian words are formed by the merger of the two words in the phrase.The difficulty in this case is the inability to distinguish between the phrase and formed from a compound word, such as "strong action" and "powerful".Distinguish they need not only the meaning, but also the tone: at the compound word is not the emphasis on the first word.In addition, in the phrase of speech may be reversed and moved to another position in the sentence.In this case, to understand what the phrase before you can put a question to the word and find the dependence of the word.

If the compound words formed from two nouns, the resulting word would be spelled with a hyphen.For example: "sofa bed", "chef" and others.But most of the difficult words are formed by adding the full or truncated bases.Typically, these words are written as one word: "power", "kindergarten".

most difficult words - adjectives is formed by adding.They can be written as one word or with a hyphen.Use the hyphen written adjectives denoting color - "pale blue" words derived from nouns, which are written with a hyphen - "social-democratic", the words that are not linked - "gardening."But these rules do not apply to all of the words.Many compound words are complex and spelling, as it is difficult to understand, to write them together, separately or hyphenated.

Why is this happening?Basic spelling rules were created in the mid-20th century, but after that the Russian language was a large number of new words.There is a new writing obyasnenie hyphens in compound words.Scientists have noticed that if the first part of the word has a suffix, after it is put a hyphen such as "fruit-berry", "North-Russian".

Compound words are the longest in the Russian language.If common words do not exceed 10 characters, the number of letters in the complex is 20-30, or even more.Most often, the longest words - they are different terms and specific terms, such as "literary-linguistic".Especially a lot of very long words in chemistry.But even among the vernacular have long "misanthropy", "private business."These words are difficult, not only spelling but also in pronunciation: rarely the first time will say it without hesitation.

sometimes complex words formed by the addition of several foundations, contract and called slozhnosokraschennymi.These are usually written in capital letters, for example: "Moscow State University", "KVN".

Nowadays not do without difficult words, so it's important to know how they are written correctly.