Methods of development of management decisions and how to use them

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responsibility for making decisions requires knowledge.Relying only on intuition and Russian "maybe" in a rapidly growing market and growing competition impossible, so practical knowledge in the field of management are constantly being improved.Decision makers should daily, this requires current problems, sometimes life forces remodel or radically change the direction of the company, for example, to save it from ruin.

In this case there is a problem of choice when there are a number of options and alternatives, and of the appropriate actions determine the fate of not one person, but the whole team.Applying the methods of development management decisions, the manager must make a unique choice of which depends on many things.

methods of decision-making

based ways out of the crisis or searching for new ideas can be put brainstorm pressing problems, in such cases, methods of development management decisions include the formation of a team of specialists who can approach problems creatively and find creativeout of this situation.

create an atmosphere of most favored, allows us to offer any solutions.In this case, the psychological aspects of management decision-making are the best use, as there is an atmosphere of co-creation, the trust relationship with management and the mental attitude, which aims to eliminate the difficulties encountered.

Methods of analysis of administrative decisions, except collaboration include the so-called Delphi method, a multi-level system of questioning when summarizes all the data are then evaluated and summarized by experts after the stabilization of the results.Another method of analysis developed by the Japanese, is called the ring system of decision-making, "kingisё."

This discussion of a new project, to which the Parties shall make their written comments and suggestions.Then, the meeting takes place and the adoption of final completion of the project.

methods development management decisions are often heuristic, when the manager does not use the traditional methods and is based on his own experience, logic and intuition.Whatever the leader of vision, he can not act without the possession of basic information.

information in modern management is paramount

information in any business, and business is particularly necessary as air, no wonder there is an opinion, "If you possess information that you possess everything."The information requirements are as follows:

  • it must be accurate.The data contained in the information should be real and correspond to the actual state of affairs.
  • It must be reliable.No information should be obtained from the same source, well, if they will not be less than seven.
  • It must be true, nothing should point out false information.
  • It should be exhaustive.Diverse and extensive information suggests its entirety.

Based on complete, accurate, credible and reliable information, the manager can use such methods of development management solutions, which will allow him to make the only right direction in the development of the business.

modern trends and techniques

Currently, there are new methods of management, which is written a lot of foreign researchers and practitioners of management.Books by David McClelland, Jim Collins and ideas Guy Kawasaki will give an idea of ​​the new trends of modern management and allow to apply it in practice.