How to draw a fireman: Step by step instructions

Drawing people have to pay attention that there are some specific differences in the representation of workers in a particular profession.For example, the physician enough to "dress" in a white dressing gown and a cap with a red cross, and dancer - in the "pack".And interestingly, the difference between the appearance of a lifeguard or, to be more exact, a fireman?Let's get acquainted with features, trying to portray the specified image on the paper.Run job will be quite simple if you know how to draw step by step fireman.This will help the image, accompanied by detailed instructions.

firefighter How to draw a pencil?Step One - Making preliminary sketches

  1. Start with the location of the body is proportional to the layout.As a firefighter will be slightly tilted forward to hold the hose in the hands of the main line of the back it looks like a slightly curved arc.
  2. hand lines emanating from the transverse shoulder, draw towards the front and palms - small ovals.
  3. Schedule on the model line fire hos
    e.Hell, indicating the thigh is almost parallel to it.
  4. Layouts draw both legs slightly bent at the knees.
  5. Focusing on key baselines, schedule outlines future firefighter costume, which consists of free jackets, pants and helmets.

Step two - make out a suit

How to draw a fireman so that you can immediately guess the profession by its appearance?For this purpose it is necessary when drawing costume to portray some specific details:

  1. helmet hanging from the shoulder behind the train, and covers his face with a glass shield.
  2. mask covering the face (preferably with a hose running to the oxygen tank, which is located behind the back).Free
  3. suit with signal strips on the edges of the sleeves, jackets and pant legs.
  4. Protective gloves on his hands.
  5. Fire hose to extinguish the fire, preferably in action (ie, sprayed forward and to the sides of water).
  6. Rubber boots (both tucked into their trousers, and with flowing).

Step Three - update items

Named characteristic features will be enough to understand how to draw the most realistic firefighter.Following the advice, instructions and drawings, even a novice artist can easily manage to portray the desired image.Above capable wizard may additionally issue the following details of the costume:

- tissue folds in the elbow, shoulder and knee areas;

- drop shadows in the groin and the inner side of his left hand;

- sharper contours of the fingers;

- a large assembly of the jacket below the belt;

- fine finishing details on the oxygen cylinder and mask.

And, of course, before application to the almost finished drawing specifying the subtleties and, at first sight unseen secrets be sure to remove all prototyping line drawn on a sheet on the first stage of the work.

final stage of how to draw a fireman - paint the

agree that black-and-white pattern, even though it has many unique features, lacks vitality and originality.What to do?Add color!This saturation of the individual parts suit by prettification pencils or paints, combined with skilful selection of the right colors to allow the end to realize the plan.After a bright yellow suit with red stripes signal in combination with a blue spray water jet - an explicit statement of compliance profession fireman.

So, did you meet with the recommendations and advice on how to draw a fireman.You may want to try to translate into very real images of representatives and other professions?I agree that this is very interesting and exciting!