Effective cash management businesses.

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We will talk about such an important thing as effective cash management businesses.If you periodically do not have enough cash, you should not rush to reduce costs.From this position, you can go through the implementation of financial management and control in order to have enough funds for all the needs of the enterprise.

In times of crisis, many company directors in the management of finances are cutting costs, laying off staff and cork.The objective of any enterprise is not only to keep it afloat, but also firmly secure its financial position.Head of the company must clearly establish its efficient business.Proper money management allows companies to make management decisions quickly, which is a priority in the difficult economic situation.To survive in times of crisis can only be more intelligent and strong, which is no problem to attach to economic changes.

One way in difficult situations is the creation of a single treasury.When creating a treasury cash management allows businesses to organize a sensible job control payments and receipts.

Firstly, the need to create a single classifier articles payments and receipts, as well as a complete business process, through which passes their planning.

Secondly, it is desirable to provide training to the creation of the Treasury.To do this, you need to create a service that will monitor the movement of funds to all law firms and banks using the electronic program guide.

Thirdly, the need to make daily, when and by whom the data will be made on various articles of payments and receipts in the system, especially in the absence of the "client-bank" for a company that allows you to track the movement of funds.

Fourth, cash management businesses requires clarification of technical aspects, in which maps are necessary to make the transfer of data into the information system.A system of applications for the payment of money.Be sure to know what the money is spent.To do this is to organize the process of the collection and verification of applications by technical analysts.

And fifth, should be set with the banks, which have concluded the agreement, an electronic system, and to identify those who will be eligible to sign bills.

fulfill all these points, the correct circulation of documents will provide you with your finances in order.Cash management is carried out in the conduct of the enterprise system and the training of personnel could reach six months.

can now talk about such an important process as the management company's cash flow.

Cash management - this is one of the elements of the enterprise management.Cash flow is divided into three types: operational, financial and investment.

Operating cash flow represents the payments and receipts, which are performed during the daily financial operations of the company.

Under investment flows imply cash outflows, which aims to invest.Investments referred to the acquired assets for the long term.

Financial transactions in getting repayment of loans and credits, interest and dividends, capital contributions represent cash flow.

Managing cash flow divided into operational and strategic management.There are several stages in the management of funds.
a) Planning of the company for 4-5 years.For this component of the business plan based on long-term goals of the company.
b) Breakdown of the annual budget for months.Construction budget, taking into account the current economic situation and the capabilities of the company.
c) Construction of the cash plan for the month.This happens on the basis of the annual budget, taking into account the financial situation of the company.
d) The breakdown of the payment schedule by day for a month.Construction takes place on the basis of the cash plan.

The purpose of these documents is a simulation of cash balances at the end of the period and their assessment, as well as a clear understanding, there will be enough of these funds for the implementation of the plans of the enterprise.