Family horoscope

<div> <p> This horoscope describes the nature and behavior of each zodiac sign as part of a couple.But, as the Stars still, you got married, were painted in the registry office, or simply live together for a long time, the horoscope is applicable to any more or less permanent couple.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> <br> </p> <p> <strong> Aries <br> (March 21-April 20) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> easy to fall in love, but quickly cooled.However, if truly love, then this lifetime.Ambitious move men to success.In dealing with them requires tact.<br> <br> HUSBAND: </p> <p> acquires wisdom only in adulthood, after 30 years, with attractive and sociable.Meanwhile, they raise their wives on a pedestal, they are rarely criticized.However, they often lack the hardness.</p> <p> <strong> Taurus <br> (April 21-May 21) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> They have an easy character, but at the same time very practical.Her husband can offer care, home comfort, but instead require material and moral satisfaction.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> For them, marriage is more important than success in love.Good husbands: trustworthy, loyal, true masters in their own house.At the same time laconic and suspicion, which, however, with the right approach wife easily removable.<div><center> <script async src="//"></script> <!-- tipings --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4235477045164216" data-ad-slot="4216162687"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </center></div></p> <p> <strong> Twins <br> (May 22-June 21) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> feminine, creative, puts emphasis on beauty and love, and only the second home.The good mother.For children can repay their emotions.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> Their motto: "Love - a game."Developed intelligence and sensibility.They love to flirt, however, rare, as cherished family and reputation.Do not tolerate nagging wives.</p> <p> <strong> Cancer <br> (June 22-July 23) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> perfect, faithful wife and mother.Most children love more than her husband.Great hostess, passionate lover, but very jealous and possessive.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> For them, life is meaningless without love.Completely surrendering to the passion and feelings.Changeable mood (from cold to "explosion") can be extended to women.But most of it home and exemplary husbands.</p> <p> <strong> Leo <br> (24 July to 23 August) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> very attractive and passionate.Good housewives who are responsible, but require constant attention.Increased demands on their material content.If the relationship with her husband do not add up, they can fully devote to the care of children.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> romantic, but crave admiration from his wife.Generous love to make gifts.Can exchange the comfort of home for the sake of society.Generous, but very jealous.Often sentimental.</p> <p> <strong> Virgin <br> (August 24-September 23) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> Analytics prevail over emotions.Excessive concern about his health, and clean the home.Very attentive to their husbands and children, caring hostess.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> dual and contradictory nature: cold combined with sentimentality.Very afraid of criticism.Optimists often idolize their wives.If you encounter a full understanding of their nature, have the family without a trace.</p> <p> <strong> Scales <br> (September 24-October 23) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> sentimental, feminine and like to be praised.If not, it may develop depression.Jealous, can often put first tourists and only the second - love.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> Probably the most faithful husbands.Happy when appreciate their feelings, however, placing too high demands of family life.From time to time they need to provide rest and attention.</p> <p> <strong> Scorpio <br> (October 24-November 22) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> dynamic, they are contraindicated monotonous life and smooth flow to it.Passionate, sensual, do not forgive betrayal.Children are considered as an extension of love.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> sign, which became a symbol of sexuality.Overbearing.Love is given to enjoy.When an unhappy marriage cruel.Owners and jealous.However, there may exchange all the delights of life in the family, are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of his wife and children.</p> <p> <strong> Sagittarius <br> (November 23-December 21) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> Less than other signs arranged to romance.For men, first of all, they are good friends and comrades.The friendly hostess.Her husband also require the provision of freedom.Appreciate the comfort of home.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> good-natured and sociable.In love, sincerity, but a family home for them is often not in the first place (as opposed to work).Require the wives of freedom and separation of concerns.Great fathers.</p> <p> <strong> Capricorn <br> (December 22-January 20) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> aims to have a powerful and practical men.But at the same time very faithful wife.Do not tolerate criticism.Often coziness seen as the main proof of love.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> very practical, can not stand alone.Reliability, aspire to leadership in the home.Terse, they express their feelings deeds, not words.Often shared his love between his wife and children, everyone gets a little.</p> <p> <br> <strong> Aquarius <br> (January 21-February 19) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> high requests to his handpicked successor, a great need for stability.Loving mother and hostess, appreciate good food.Large claims to spiritual life.The lack of suspicion.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> often are idealists.In love, true and constant.It is easy to compromise, not jealous.From his wife often claim to have similar interests to your own.But love for them is not the only outlet, but only part of their life.</p> <p> <strong> Fish <br> (Feb. 20-March 20) </strong> </p> <p> WIFE: </p> <p> main advantage - the ability to love and be given fully understand the husband.Faithful and loyal.Often it is flattering.The house and the children for them are no less important than passionate love.Yet for them above all peace and happiness of her husband and children.</p> <p> HUSBAND: </p> <p> Passionate, greater demands on the physical and spiritual love.Often indecisive.Generous, adore their wives.Do not command wives, and treat them more as a support in life.</p> <p> Articles Source: </p> </div>