What do you bill?

We all know what are the bills - worth 10 rubles, 50 rubles, 100 rubles, 500 rubles, 10, 20, 100 dollars, 50 euros, and so on. D.

Imagine that you - the banknote.And what advantages?Rate yourself honestly, because the next one ...

Now ask yourself: Why?Why do it this bill, and not another?
answer?Now write the data itself in response to the characteristics of the paper.
What you wrote is directly related to your self-esteem, and, therefore, with the amount of money that you get from the world.

Now imagine yourself in the place of this bill.How is she?
If you choose too small a bill (say $ 100)), because you stopped paying attention to the opposite sex, because you have not bought myself anything new clothes because the salary you last raised a long time ago,ask yourself whether you can become a denomination of 500 rubles?

Can you or not?

What do you need?
Write down on paper, you need to do to become a denomination of 500 rubles!
What should I do now?To begin to smile, straighten your back, comb your hair, and perhaps a new way to lay hair, call a nice person and do some work, which in the future will bring you money.

increase in his fortune, "I bill of 500 rubles!" (Or any other, but larger than the one you originally chose).

thank the outgoing bill, which you were, because it indicated to you on your weaknesses.
Over the next three days all the time to remind yourself that you are a denomination of 500 rubles, and behave accordingly.Posture, speech, gait, manners, warm and respectful attitude towards people.

results will come, but to carry out this task you are obliged to be honest.This means:
- not to think of non-existent bills.For example, twelve million euros.Put forth what is not, and that nothing will!
- do not flatter yourself, but not to lower self-esteem.The choice must be honest: you're in front of herself!
- assigned to the task seriously, really thought of everything that is proposed, and only then the result will be.

come up with such an exercise Elena Shubin from St. Petersburg, the author of the training, "Money."

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