What are the sizes of socks for children

Children's socks and tights are the most popular part of the wardrobe of a young child, as they need under different circumstances and at any time they goda.Zimoy legs warm, and well-supported summer temperature balance.Sometimes parents can be difficult to find the dimensions of socks for children.The problem is compounded by the fact that the variety offered by manufacturers is huge.What is to stop choice?Quality socks - most importantly, what to look for when buying them.Firstly they must not cause discomfort when walking.To this end, the seam should be soft, neat and gum - elastic, since its main task - to hold sock in the leg kid, but do not squeeze the ankle.It is best to choose a subject of clothes to the touch - the fabric must be soft, natural.It is important that the size of socks for children exactly match the size of his feet.

When wardrobe appear socks?

Socks can be worn with the child at birth.He feels comfortable when the feet are warm.The kid can wear them all the time.Size socks for newborns (12-13 p.), Almost all manufacturers the same.When the child gets older, he begins to form an idea of ​​the style of dress: there favorite models and those that do not like.Do not make exceptions and socks.

As a rule, the entire range mentioned gizmos sure there are those who love it and are always ready to be worn.There are options every day, "holiday", socks for walking, and so on. D. Manufacturers of children's haberdashery follow the trends in fashion and constantly replenish the collection with new models.

sizes of socks for children

When buying any product is always convenient to use any benchmark.In our case, this could be an assistant table sizes of socks for children.It corresponds to the product of many European manufacturers.Therefore, problems should arise, you can safely use it.Sock sizes for children listed in the table are based on the age of the child.

0 months.- 1 month.


1 month.- 3 months.


3 months.- 6 months.


9 months.- 12 months.


1d.- 2.5 g


2 years - 5 liters.


5 liters.- 7 liters.


7 l.- 10 liters.


12 liters.- 14 l.


Attention!This table should be considered exemplary, as children of the same age can be very different from each other in physical characteristics.Therefore, it is best to calculate the size of their own.

How to choose a hosiery size of the foot?

We all understand that the anatomical features of each man lead to the fact that children of the same age clothing size may vary significantly.Therefore it is better to go the other way and the choice of socks not rely on age criteria, and the size of the foot.For convenience and accuracy in the calculation you must first circle the child's leg on a dense sheet of paper.Then just have to measure the distance between the extreme points of the toe and heel.The data can be safely used to determine the size of socks.For example, if the length of the foot is 15 cm, therefore, the size of clothing items will be the same.But!Such a method is not suitable for the purchase of products offered by China.Therefore, if you get the right size socks set, try to remember it.And it is desirable to make purchases in retail outlets which had a good account of themselves.