How to force myself not to be lazy and once again get a taste of life?

Every person in life there are days when there is no desire to do anything when laziness and boredom with his head covered.And even the clear realization of the fact that the time should be spent for the benefit of themselves, is wasted, can not make us get the ball rolling.Instead, we prefer to find excuses for its inaction and increasingly immersed in an inert state, close to a dream reality.So is not it time to shake things up and start acting?If you want to learn how to make yourself to be lazy and not bring back the joy of life, try to listen to the simple and effective tips below.Soon you will be sure to conquer laziness is much easier than people think.

how to make yourself not to be lazy?

1. Move more! Go outside, take a walk to the nearest park or store.Light exercise also did not interfere: make a couple of sit-ups or tilting left and right to accelerate the flow of blood in the body and restore vitality.If laziness overcame you so much that even think about walking do not want to, then take a simple physical labor themselves.If you are at home, start ironing the laundry, wash the dishes, vacuum the room.If you are at work, try to clean up the mess on the table, wipe the computer, sort out the paper.Do your best to escape from negative thoughts and benefit from your "lazy" state.

2. Take water treatments. If you are at home, the douche is a great tool for solving the problem of how to bring myself to not be lazy.After him, you feel so refreshed that are ready to move mountains.If a shower is not possible, then wash your face with cool water every time you notice approaching apathy.This will help you quickly shake and cause the brain to combat readiness.

3. Make a list of their immediate tasks. is not necessary to look far and builds strategic plans for the year ahead.Start small: give yourself a few simple tasks to be performed during the day or week.So you quickly adjust to the rhythm of work, and will receive a portion of satisfaction every time you reach the desired.

4. Think about the possible consequences. Sometimes it's so hard to say to yourself: "Do not be lazy and just do it!" At such moments, try to imagine what the consequences may cause your inaction.For example, if you miss a couple of times a morning jog, think about the extra pounds that have accumulated over time.You do not want that, right?Sometimes the force of inner conviction can become a reliable ally in the fight against laziness.

5. Communicate with people.When feel apathy again begins to overcome you call someone.Forget e-mail, chat rooms and social networks!It was a lively conversation with a man on abstract theme gives the brain time to rest and join in the work with renewed vigor.

6. Fill the lungs and the brain with oxygen. Want to know how?Do not be lazy to go out more often or ventilate the room once again.A breath of fresh air is particularly important for those who spend days working in a closed room and a computer.

If none of the methods does not help you regain vigor and understand how to make myself not to be lazy, too lazy to try to win her own weapons: do nothing .Absolutely!Just sit or stand in the silence of the room.In a few minutes your brain itself begins to gush forth ideas, you will feel the real push for action and willingness to work.Now you know how to not be lazy!