Commercial law and its basic principles

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Commercial Law - the legal industry, which is a set of specific regulations and laws that govern and regulate all kinds of business activities, as well as closely associated with her other relationships, including the non-profit nature, which is extremely important in the current conditions of freemarket, rapid economic development and high rates of industrial growth.

on commercial law also lies one of the key social functions to ensure economic and political stability in the society.Under the jurisdiction of the legislative branch are three groups of formal legal relations.The first ones are those that are purely entrepreneurial in nature and directly related to the production process, the performance of certain work or the provision of commercial services.

second category must reckon those relationships, most of which are in a legal rather than a commercial airplane, and which are installed between legal entities, private entrepreneurs and various state regulatory and supervising authorities.This section of economic legislation regulates the administrative and organizational, management and property aspects of economic activity.Also in his area of ​​responsibility includes the unscrupulous and often controversial issues of the distribution of profits.

Finally, the third category of economic relations, which regulates commercial law covers government regulation and control of the official power structures over the observance of the subjects of business law.It also includes a variety of laws and regulations of the judiciary, to ensure that state and public interests.

list of types of legal relations, which regulates commercial law, is not complete and comprehensive.This implies that the incidence of this legal discipline includes both own economic activities, as well as various forms of relationships that are emerging in its implementation.All subjects of economic law operating in different industries, which makes this area of ​​the law complex scientific discipline, as it includes a variety of regulations of civil, labor, transport, land and other related codes.This greatly contributes to the development of markets for products and services towards meeting the spiritual, material and moral needs of society with the indispensable condition of civilized business legitimate economic actors and guaranteed their profits or other types of income, strengthening of national interests, national security and sovereignty.

Therefore, the principles of the legal industry perform socially significant functions.Commercial law has the following fundamental principles: freedom of entrepreneurship, full legal independence of its subjects, legal equality of all forms of property, to prevent the monopolization of any sphere of the free market and healthy development of fair competition.

also are essential sources of economic law, which in Russia is the Russian Constitution;Various federal laws;a plurality of adjacent codes;presidential decrees;all kinds of national standards;government regulations;regulations of ministries, departments and regional authorities.