How to pass the polygraph, and whether you can cheat him

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polygraph, or lie detector called - is a device for recording the psychophysical reactions of the human body in order to verify the reliability of the responses given by the subjects.He often appeared in a variety of detective novels and movies, and each probably wondering how to pass the polygraph, without betraying his excitement.Delve a little bit into history.The fact that the physiological reactions - pulse, blood pressure, breathing rhythm, sweat - you can determine a person is lying or not, it is known for a long time.The prototype of the modern polygraph was designed in the 20s of XX century Californian police officer John Larson.Since then, the polygraph is markedly improved: now the indications are not recorded on the paper tape, and right on the computer's hard drive, and sensors capable of detecting even the slightest contraction of facial muscles.Manufacturers claim that the accuracy of the information obtained by means of such interrogation is 90-95%.Can we say that it is impossible to fool a polygraph?

Of course, the question arises, why it needs to be deceiving, because an honest man with nothing to hide, there is no need to pass a lie detector test.But this is not true.Today, many big companies (in order to protect sensitive corporate information) require their employees passage of this "test for lice."Or you are required to prove his innocence in the case of false accusation.As a rule, these sessions many questions, including very personal, which, nevertheless, be sure to answer.How to pass a polygraph in the case where not want to reveal the soul to a stranger?

First, experts say, as advertised "insight" polygraph too high.Maximum accuracy of the results will be at best 70%.And the futility of trying to cheat a lie detector test subject is said to suppress their will and resistance.So the question: "Is it possible to fool a polygraph?"we can confidently answer that this requires preparation.There are several ways of how to confuse a lie detector:

1. Blunt their physiological responses.This can be done either through the use of tranquilizers and drugs that reduce blood pressure, or with special formulations and ointments, dramatically reduces sweating.However, in serious cases before the pass polygraph test gives blood for analysis.

2. Suppression of emotions.Such a state close to trance, can be achieved artificially (deconcentration) or naturally (no sleep for several days before they undergo the polygraph).But as a rule, such detachment is very striking.

3. Artificial stimulation of the desired reaction.Pain stimulation, multiply multi-digit numbers in his mind, disturbing images and memories - all this causes a transient increase in pressure and increased heart rate that the polygraph will register as a reaction to a significant event or object.Slow exhalation, on the contrary, slow the heart rate and will not give excitement.