The restaurant "Monet" (Ekaterinburg): description, menus and reviews

Considering the restaurants of Yekaterinburg, certainly it would be desirable to allocate a place called "Monet".The fact that here awaits visitors and talk in this article.We also find out what impression remains with the customer after visiting the institution.

restaurant "Monet" (Ekaterinburg): description, photos

This place is a great place for families.So if you are planning to visit this restaurant, there is no need to look for someone to leave the kids during your absence.Feel free to take them with me, because they will be here, too, something to do.And the whole family here you can come at any time.

So, from eight o'clock in the morning until noon you will be offered a delicious and hearty breakfast with a cup of coffee.Up to four hours of the day, you can come here for lunch, try one of the many dishes of both Russian and Italian cuisine.In the evening the restaurant "Monet" (Ekaterinburg) opens its doors to all who want a delicious meal in a cozy place.And here it will be equally convenient for both large families with children and youth companies and business people.

management and staff considered the restaurant everyone knows how important family holiday, and do everything to make it as easy as possible it is pleasant and comfortable.


restaurant "Monet" (Ekaterinburg) is a medium-sized institution.Thus, the number of seats is 60. here to provide services pre-booking tables.You can do this by calling +7 (343) 287 -10-81.Address of the restaurant: the city of Ekaterinburg, ul.Rosa Luxemburg, 49, 1st floor.

As for design, the design of interior decoration "Monet" created in the style of urban family restaurant.It is very comfortable.There is a non-smoking area.Total restaurant two halls, one of which is intended for the youngest guests.VIP lounges are not provided, but it is possible to organize a VIP service.The room has a TV, and playing the muted background relaxing music.

from time to time based on the restaurant's experienced chefs conduct cooking classes for adults, where anyone can improve their skills, and then surprise the household and friends of great self-made dishes.Also, when the restaurant is a school for adults and bartenders' sushi robot ".


Since the restaurant "Monet" (Ekaterinburg) is designed for all family members, young and old, are doing everything we can to meet the needs of not only parents but also their children.That is why children are organized by a separate playroom.Held fun contests, arranged entertainment.Also, children are taught and useful things: for example, they have the opportunity to attend a master class where every young chef himself will be able to bake a pizza.Generally, children leave this restaurant ecstatic.


Since the "Monet" - a family restaurant, where there is a fairly wide range, not only adults but also children's meals.

especially loved by visitors places Italian cuisine.It is mainly represented pizza, pasta, risotto, salads and snacks.As for the pizza, which is so loved by children and adults, the most popular of its varieties are as follows: "mexican" (filling of acute tomatoes and fresh tender pork mince), "farmer" (expensive dish stuffed with sausage and bacon, whichperfectly with vegetables) and "seasons" (pizza, consisting of four parts, so that each family member will find in it a piece to your liking).Also on the menu there are a number of excellent Italian dishes, among which everyone will choose something for themselves.

special attention to the menu of the restaurant "Monet" is rewarded with dessert card.This is especially true for the young sweet tooth.Guests places certainly appreciate and tea and coffee menu card.It is always a pleasure to eat a piece of cheesecake, tiramisu or pancake with a cup of coffee or tea.

available here and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.They can be found by examining the bar card.All are willing to cook a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.It also provides the restaurant has a hookah.

«Monet" (restaurant): customer reviews

According to the guests of this institution, restaurant really deserves to at least once to look here.And to do this we recommend the whole family.Thus, according to the visitors, in their "Monet" arranged almost everything: location, helpful and friendly staff and delicious cuisine and pleasant interior.However, some regulars say that lately there are several prices rose.However, there are no other claims.By the way, many of Yekaterinburg are pleased to note in the restaurant "Monet" birthday of the youngest members of the family.According to them, after the holiday everybody is happy - and the children and their parents.