Child abuse: types, causes, prevention

Our future, our happiness, our problems and joys - all of our children are wanted and loved.But always they grow in love and affection?Unfortunately no.In recent years, child abuse is often discussed in the media and on television.

What is it?

most terrible forms of violence children are considered to beatings, sexual harassment, wounding.But besides them there are lots of other factors that cripple the vulnerable child's soul.The humiliation, neglect, bullying cause has not yet formed the child's mind sometimes fatal injuries.Child abuse implies a bad attitude, which allow parents, guardians, teachers - in short, all those persons who are bringing up a child to have a direct relationship.

Child abuse and its species

in practice to distinguish between several types of child abuse.Physical speaks for itself and means the intentional infliction of bodily harm.Sexual violence is reduced to involve an adult child's sex or corruption with his consent or without it.The psychological impact can cause the formation of abnormal traits and inhibit the development of the child.Often, teachers, educators, and parents themselves towards children exhibit psychological type of violence.An example of this can be criticism of the child with or without;verbal threats;comments and insults that demean children;deliberate exclusion;lies and failure to comply with the promises made;rigid mental impact, which causes the child's trauma.In addition, child abuse can manifest itself in the simple neglect, that is, the absence of attention, care, maintenance and upbringing of the child.

reasons for child abuse

These causes are primarily social dimension.For example, unemployment, low income in the family, alcoholism, incomplete family, poor housing conditions, physical exhaustion, the young age of the parents and their desire for entertainment, the birth of another child, the large family.

What parents need to know

Cruelty easier to prevent than to carry on with her struggle.Prevention of child abuse mainly involves working with parents.There are a few tips for those who want to be in love and harmony with your child.Remember that children - a personality, though still small.We should not only love, but also respect them.The process of education - a road strewn with stones, so be patient.Do not make of his child
perfect.There is no such that the kid knew everything and could equally well.Praise him for what he managed better than others, and do not scold, because some things can not be obtained.Never perform a comparison of their children to others, think of the success of others guys just like information.Do not blackmail the child with phrases like "I tried for you, and you ...".This is a bad attempt to embarrass your child.Many children respond to such a statement, which did not ask them to give birth.If unpleasant situation occurred in front of strangers, do not start lecturing the child immediately.Take him home and carry out a conversation without witnesses.Do not be ashamed of it when strangers.And most importantly - you love your child, often talking to him about it, pat and praise.This is the best protection of children from abuse.