Women's and men's nice American names

America - a country whose history is fashioned come from different countries.She was and still is a multinational state, which for centuries has created this "megakokteyl" historical roots.Along with the spiritual source of each nation to penetrate people's names, many of which turned into a beautiful American names.

Historical Background

former colony of the British Empire at the heart of preserved Anglo-Saxon and English tradition.At the same time as a young American wonderfully intertwined nuances of Scottish, German, French, Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Slavic code.Great influence on the country have had a dream, African, Asian, Latin American, and many other peoples of the world.Any of the nations bring to the formation of a common American culture accents, giving newborn familiar names.Most immigrants to the mainland were the people of a poor class, moreover, often burdened with a dark past.Their names are composed of three to five letters that have taken root in the continent: Ben Mack, Ed, Ellie, Lina, Mel, Tina, Meg, Dan.

Modern popular male names

America Beautiful American names began to appear at the settlers, when the English tradition to the first name (first name) began to join the second - middle name.This is especially gained popularity in modern movie stars: Armand Douglas, William Henry, Jose Antonio Dominic, John Christopher, Nick Daniel, William Bradley, Robert Thomas, Timothy George, David Patrick.Among the common names of "palm" hold that year: Jacob, Brian, Jason, James, Donald, Michael, Christopher, Daniel, David, Mark, Matthew, Paul, Richard, Stephen, Andrew, Edward, William and Joshua.If in our country, "the second" name is a patronymic and serves as a memory of his father, the beautiful American names contain invented middle name.The main requirement to it - that it is harmonious.

And what happens with the modern women's names in America?

Beautiful female American names ambiguous, filled with romance and wonderful flair.Their sound is fascinating, enveloping the image of mystery, making him hovering over reality.Listening to this melody sounds, many of her preference, calling his daughters: Alan - beautiful, Amelie - hardworking, Angela - a good messenger, Angelina - Little Angel, Alex (Alexandra) - defender, Andrea - courageous, Vivian - life, lively,Jennys - blond, Gina - merciful, Sally - Princess Goldie - golden, Lassie - lover, Hilary - joyful, Miranda - admirable, leopard - cute, Roxy - dawn, Sofia - wisdom, Emily - imitate Hannah - merciful, Emma- gorgeous, Samantha - divine, Elissa - a noble family, Isabella - Rose, Vanessa - leader Grace - the charm, elegance, Megan - Pearl, Jennifer - light, soft, Jessica - behold the divine Catherine - clean, Nicole - victoryTea - a gift of God, Mary - a symbol of purity and universal love, Helen - a bright, bright, Tiffany (Tiffany) - divine manifestation, Stephanie - crowned, Sarah - notably, Samantha - heard by the universe, Sherry (Cheryl) - a favorite, Claire - clear, blond, Darcy - sparkling, Gloria (Gloris) - the famous Olivia - fertility, beauty and dignity of the olive tree, Elizabeth - read divine, Diana - the patroness of the moon, hunter, Evelyn - shine.

Beautiful American names actresses

anthroponyms (the study of proper names of people) is a recognition now historically significant name for America - Brittany (Little Britain), Chelsea - port, Kimberley - the royal meadow in the city or Heather - heather heatherhoney.Fashion at the most beautiful names of the American top stars of cinema and show business trend made popular girl called Pamela or Angelina, Britney or Haley, Jessica and Charlotte, Marilyn, Joan or Nicole.Very often the parents in America assign daughters double names: Megan Deniz, Keira Cristina, Catherine Maria and any other euphonious combination.This feature is typical for the citizens of the southern states of the country.

Rating of the most popular names given to children in the United States

A few decades ago in America were born solid Michael and Jessica.Today, the main favorite of new parents is increasingly becoming Sofia (Sofia Vergara actress because of Colombian origin).In 2007, attention was focused on Anna Sophia Robb (after the release of "Bridge to Terabithia").In second place - Isabella, later in the list followed by Emma, ‚Äč‚ÄčOlivia, Ava.Behind them are located - Emily, Abigail, Madison (women.) Mia and Chloe.Choosing the most beautiful American names - female or male - to their children, the people of Russia need to pay careful attention to the euphonious name, to their compatibility with and surname, so they are not heard on the background of a caricature of traditional Slavic roots.